Before there was, I was.


And again, I am; the ceaseless answer to the call and prayer, “Hear us, oh Lord.”


I am the light; a lumined torch so that we may see.


I am the bread; to sate the hunger for spirit and bring comfort in fear.


I am the door; a threshold through which all may walk.


I am the good shepherd; guided by the hearts’ call.


I am the vine bringing the drunken love of the divine.


Again, I am. Born of water, bathed in fire; from stone I’ve grown and beast become.


I walk with thunder, dance on wings between rain, and

spin through the heart of man.


Again, I am. The sun that rises in the West.


The womb of the heart and the breath between the Breath.


Again, I am.

© 2020 by Ingrid Oliphant