Alternative healing for

the animals in your life

Is your dog suffering from anxiety? Does you cat have a chronic illness that veterinary medicine has not been able to alleviate? Are you hesitant to begin a steroid regimen or other treatment that may affect a pet's quality of life? Is there a reactive behavior that limits how you spend time with him or other people? Has something felt just 'not quite right' about your a recently adopted animal? Has your horse's gait shifted or mood suddenly changed?

I can help. I have successfully worked on horses, dogs, cats, sheep, a bearded dragon and other animals to help these issues and more.

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Speed injury recovery
surgical and pharmaceutical prevention
Training and performance enhancement
reduce stress & behavioral patterns
correct emotional imbalances
Eliminate Chronic pain & illness
ease effects of physical & emotional Trauma

Energy work on animals is an efficient and effective way to provide healing or intervention for a range of challenges your non-human family members face. Like with humans, this work is non-invasive (although cats tend to think otherwise) and does not require belief.  The effects are often immediate and spontaneous. There have been osteosarcoma,  prostate cancer, and lymphoma cures in dogs; diabetes has been reversed in a cat, and scar tissue and symptoms of Lyme disease have been resolved in horses.

Behavioral shifts in aggression, separation anxiety, nervous system and gut-skin disorders have resolved when medications had not been effective. Shifts in structural alignment, symptoms related to Lyme disease and chronic pain have vanished.

This work has been described by others as 'reiki on 'roids' because of the electric power behind it. It works well as both an adjunct to veterinary services and as a standalone. It has not worked when cancers have metastasized or on a paralyzed pig.

Meet Stuffin'. For days, Stuffin' couldn't walk. He was in extreme pain, couldn't move or do any of the things dogs were meant to do. His human called me on a Friday morning and I agreed to do distance work. Within an hour, I received a message from Diane who told me that Stuffin' was walking!! The following day, he was a pain-free, walking, wagging, wiggling, doing-all-dogly things Dachshund.

"The first time I called on you was when I was trying to decide if I was going to put my precious little dachshund to sleep. He had a relapse from his back surgery and hadn't been able to walk for 5 days. I was beside myself when I called you. Within one hour of you working on my baby he was walking!! It was nothing short of a miracle. When I saw what you'd done for Stuffin' I called on you for my own pain. My knees were totally worn out and no amount of pain meds or injections could ease my pain. Two or three sessions with you and I have been pain free and smiling! God has given you a great Gift and I am testament to that!"  ~ Diane Crump, 1st professional female jockey in the US

This is Barnard. He had scar tissue that effected his competition performance and potential sale. Facing a return to Germany when veterinarians said they couldn't help, I was asked to see what impact my work would have. In six sessions the scar tissue had dissolved entirely.

"Without machines, pictures or stories the energy work she does effects positive changes in physical structure, motor functioning, pain management as well as behavioral issues related to physical and emotional trauma--often immediately." ~ Michelle Lawrence, trainer


A huge shout-out to Ingrid Oliphant. Riley hadn't been feeling well for over a week and we were becoming very concerned (red flag, he wasn't eating, which anyone who knows him knows this is NOT like him - he's a chow hound). I asked her to do some long-distance energy work on him. I am so happy to say he has rebounded AMAZINGLY well, so much so that I'm having to try and "keep him calm" so that he doesn't hurt himself. He's such a helmet when he's feeling good. THANK YOU dear friend!!  L. Smith

Fees: $85 per session

Sessions can range from a half-hour to two hours depending on circumstances.

For cats, one session is often split between two visits or distance encounters. I have yet to meet one who would allow me to do the work for more than a few minutes at a time (because...cats).