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Classes and Retreats

These classes are offered as half-day, weekend, extended immersions, and weeks-long formats.

They can be tailored for individuals and group retreats.

The depth of the universe is matched by your own. In these classes we go there, into the expansive spaces within in safe and sacred space. These are the kinds of experiences that help you answer the questions "How will I live?" and "How will I love?" Though the focus of each class is different each is centered in the Mother and deep prayer.

“…life-changing and her ability to provide a safe environment to explore, the way she explains and validates/normalizes what a person experiences deepens the whole ‘shebang’"


Reclaiming the Cathedral

“Beyond the resistance I found myself so profoundly moved I recall a place where I was One with all that is, it was so much more than an experience. It was/is TRUTH.”

the cathedral

Reclaiming The Cathedral is a four hour intensive energetic transmission for women only. In it, our foundation is  the body as your temple.

Mother Mary and other bodies of the Universal Mother are active participants in my world, regular visitors in vision and Women’s Healing Circles. They are my guiding star in the redefining of the Trinity and bridging identities within the shifts in my own perspectives. In this meditation, we explore our deep individual, internal aspects of Her, how that effects our inner space, and our relationships with each other and all that is. Here, we’ll create an opportunity for the eternal and internal divine woman to help us with our own power and receptivity to direction from Her.

This is for deep healing of personal, generational and communal wounds. In this work, we are not the only participants--those that came before us and the promising potential yet to come are with us.

The Mother Rising

The Mother Rising is a series of immersive, experiential transmissions for spiritual awakening and conscious remembering of one's intimate connection with all things, with all things as the Divine through a distinct perspective from The Mother. This is more than an exploration of the Sacred or Divine Feminine. It is a deep dive into the experience of Her through direct encounters, bringing the idea of 'no separation' into embodied living. It is a foundation for a mutually healing relationship between you and the Force of Creation. This is an invitation to consciously enter your own holiness, opening into it, feeling it, knowing it and moving with it always.

We will be opening the things within you that you don't know yet but have felt for a long time. There is particular attention paid to the active participation of Ancestors and, for those directly connected to a diaspora, this is the foundation for a direct transfer for Ancient knowledge.


The Mother Rising

"A discussion about ancestors' footsteps planting seeds that now spring through me
felt like an electrical bolt through my spine."

Tapping into the Medicine & Magic

This is the class in which we have the most fun. Energetic flows spur creative ones. We access Ancestral ties across cultures and our own lineages, making direct contact with inspiration and putting it to work through altar and ritual creation. No class is the same. Sure, there's healing but there is also fun; it's often like a family reunion without the politics, bad potato salad and the uncle who smells like mothballs.

Those who are served best in this class relish a sense of play, interaction with others and are curious about their own capacity to communicate with the invisible world. For many, this will be initiation into a new way of experiencing the world.

The Mother Rooting

The Mother Rooting is a good precursor for Becoming the Medicine, the process of opening into the Medicine Way.

Tree roots are nourishers, communicators and foundation builders within their own families and extended communities. In this class, we focus on bringing forth your own Mother Root and healing gifts, developing comfort with its latent and manifest power, and creating avenues for expressing it within community.

Here we explore spiritual pathways and concepts central to the emergence of your own unique expression of the Force of Creation. Tools for sustained and healthy spiritual awakening, discussion of ethics and modern mysticism in today's world and more are part of the program.

"There's a fresh overlay of fearlessness and peace that shapes your interactions with yourself, with others, with situations in your life - a deep, deep DEEP ease. Nothing like it.”

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