To be natural is to be at home with your own nature.
If you are outside yourself,
always reaching beyond yourself,
you avoid the call of your own mystery.

~ John O'Donohue

Coaching for Explorers and healers

Experiencing the world as a uniquely perceptive persons does not have to be difficult. In fact, not only is it easy once you learn some basic skills, it opens the door to experiencing life in an ecstatic way. To do so in a healthy fashion, though, requires the willingness to feel emotions, clearly identify them and move past the modern narrative of what being an empath or healer is all about.  Moving past a 'psychic' paradigm opens the world to you in new and magnificent ways. Rather than living in fear, behind walls, shields, and protections, you can move with ease and openness--with no physical symptomology, no chronic emotional pain or unnecessary emotional disturbance (some of it is absolutely necessary!) and without medications. 


The medical diagnoses that often present in highly perceptive people whether they identify as empath or not include:  chronic fatigue syndrome, hyper/hypo thyroidism, fibromyalgia, MS, ’s a host of GI maladies, cardiac dysrhythmia, psoriatic and rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, and other autoimmune disorders. They also tend to appear like depression, agoraphobia & its cousins, anxiety, and hyperactivity. For those people who have these diagnoses or symptoms of them and have chosen to do the work, all symptoms vanish.  All.


There are lots of myths about being a 'sensitive'. Modern dialogue on which those myths are based is not suited for modern times and I do my best to counter each one. In my view, there is little room for bullshit in this way of deepening into love. Part of working together, particularly for those who are emerging into their own healing gifts and empathic nature, requires diving as much into your own funk as it does exploring the etheric world around you. That takes courage, stamina, and the willingness to learn how to move through life- and spirit-stuff with a sense of curiosity and wonder rather than fear. 

Coaching work is a long-term relationship between us. You will sign a contract, committing to scheduled appointments, communication, homework, and a payment plan that is unique to each person's circumstance. If this is something you need but cannot financially handle, reach out anyway. I will work with you.

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