Women's Healing Circles

White lotus flower or water lily. Royalt

The Power of Love


Love on Fire

This is a unique opportunity for profound healing of individual and historical trauma, personal transformation, divine inspiration, and an internal recognition of our connection to all that is and has been. This experience often brings spontaneous healing, a state of consciousness connected to deep peace, to bring you into full connection, calm and clarity. It has also been a catalyst for the awakening of latent gifts for many. I use music and physical touch to facilitate the healing process that will bring body, mind, and spirit into union. 

These are donation-based events. Women of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities are invited. Black, Indigenous, and other women of color are encouraged to come. 

Here, the peace of Presence is centered with the purpose of healing wounded spirits, bodies & communities in a

co-ed setting.

In the spirit of indigenous healing circles, traditional sohbet, and old-school tent gatherings, with the power of spirit and the spirit of community, healing begins.  Whether held in a church, yoga studio or gallery, we create sanctuary where participants are held in the light of love, without judgment and with grace.

For Restoration, Reconnection to Self and the Divine, and to Rejoice in life through communion.

There is nothing sedate about this ecstatic, energetic experience drawing on the tradition of the dervish, accessing the mystery through movement.


Combining ecstatic dance and deep meditation through movement, Love on Fire shifts your whole being into one glorious, sweaty, cracked-wide-open, lit-on-fire, fueled by love, connected human. 

Those with mobility challenges are absolutely encouraged to join and move however they are most comfortable--all Love on Fire events are held in accessible facilities with floors suitable for wheelchairs, walkers and have seating available.