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discourse on Dream work and dream interpretation

This is a three-hour class to help you unlock the messages within dreams, their interpretation and guidance.  Whether for personal growth or spiritual development, this class offers tools and a map for embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

With 15 years of living with dreamtime as a significant part of the foundation of my shamanic work with individuals and communities, I'll help you learn how to both question and trust what you see.

This is a class for those interested in working in dreamtime, struggling with interpreting dreams and visions, or have a deeper curiosity about how the waking world, the sleeping world and spirit world work together. We’ll be weaving old-school traditional dream-talk with that of emerging science and exploring what that means in the practical world.

Discussion will include the use of plant medicines in dream-work, physical and mental health issues, as well as the role of modern medicine and psychedelics.

As with all I create, this one will begin with an immersive energetic experience that opens the way. Before the class, I’ll collect questions from participants via email and we’ll address those in a general way. We’ll address collective issues within the group and individual challenges privately if people are hesitant to share within the group.

All are welcome to this class but the foundation, the context and language I use is directly to the Medicine Way. If you’re curious but not sure it’s for you, reach out.

What others have to say:

"She unlocks realms of the unconscious and unseen world…”  

"Our time together was deep. Thoughts about my grandmother and female ancestors came. 

Also my grandmother's presence."

“…life-changing and her ability to provide a safe environment to explore, the way she explains and validates/normalizes what a person experiences deepens the whole ‘shebang’"

"A discussion about ancestors' footsteps planting seeds that now spring through m

felt like an electrical bolt through my spine."

Our Story

This journey began long before I was born 50+ years ago and since 2007, it's been one helluva ride. Before I began to experience and express the world in this manner, the Medicine Way, I worked in the criminal justice and mental health fields. In 2007, all that changed through a series of extraordinary events that I briefly talk about here and here.

I walk with The Mother in many of her forms, have been trained in three Indigenous traditions and am a Memory Keeper for many more. I am consciously aware of and work directly with the invisible world: Ancestors, deities and devas, as well as the energies of plants, the ground, water and more.

For me, dream-time is work time. I spent nine years living on the road, homeless & criss-crossing the continent in a Mini Cooper, following where visions and dreams sent me: to those who needed healing, to remains of missing and murdered Indigenous Women, and to ground that needed to be resanctified. I'm now blessed to call Telluride, Colorado, home--led by dreams and visions to these mountains. Here I'm developing the healing practice and pour that same healing energy into paintings.


“Ingrid Oliphant delivers a powerful experience...

Earthy, rich, passionate and liberating, you can't easily put this event in a box.

If you desire to experience yourself as healed, turned on and bursting with new purpose,

this is something you can't miss..."

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