Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of things have been healed?

The variety of illness & dis-ease have been eliminated either spontaneously or over the course of a short amount of time include: 



        TBI-related issues & injuries


        Knee, rotator cuff, and other joint inflammation & damage

        Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, other autoimmune disorders


        Symptoms of PTSD and other mental illness

        Substance abuse



        Chronic pain

        Chron’s, IBS and other gastrointestinal issues

        Diabetes (cat) 


        Lyme (humans, dogs & horses)

        Paralysis (dog)



        Osteosarcoma (dog)

        Prostate cancer (dog)

        Lymphoma (dog)

How much do you charge? 

Individual healing sessions are $200. They last from 1.5 - 2 hours.

Coaching sessions are $120 for an single session. A four-session package is $500.

Is this for me?


I like to think it’s for everyone.  The truth is that’s not always the case. I’m the best fit for those who are ready for more than ‘baby steps’, have an understanding that this isn’t superficial work--we go to the depths within the Self and beyond it; know that old narratives no longer serve them, and are ready to move forward with sense of curiosity & adventure.  It’s worth a discussion to see if this is for you. 


And, in all honesty, I’m not for everyone.  I don’t communicate in memes or self-help, spiritual keywords.  In fact, I sound more like George Carlin than anyone else.  My experience and expressions of the universe come from a deep knowing that others don’t, well, know.  And, I’ve grown past being afraid that people can’t handle the truth as I’m called to share with them so I no longer measure my language or the stream of consciousness as it flows through me. I am cheerleader, hand-holder and ass-kicker as needed.  When you work with me, you get all three.

What should I expect?

Anything and nothing. Everyone comes to see me for different reasons and experiences the energies differently.  The majority of the people who come to me are working through emotional & mental health issues (often attached to physical illness), dealing with newly found psychic gifts, & learning how to hone those gifts.  A significant portion of those that come actually verbalize they don’t know why they are coming to see me, only that they need to.  Recently, there are shared experiential themes:  a tangible, physical & visual integration of what some call the Christ Consciousness that comes in a couple of specific ways; for women, a physical sensation of being rebirthed that leads to jokes about epidurals, and the immediate release of behavioral & emotional patterns that are linked to trauma. 

Has it ever not worked?

Yes. In the same manner we don’t know how this healing thing works, we don’t know why it sometimes doesn’t work.  In addition, if the person I’m working with chooses to not follow through with lifestyle changes, homework, and other follow-through, the changes may not be permanent. 

How many times do people see you? 

Sometimes once and never again. Everyone’s experience and needs are different but I generally recommend that most people see me three times in rather quick succession (usually with a two-week separation between sessions) rather than healer-hop when the expected outcome doesn’t manifest within or shortly after one session.  It is rare that anyone needs to see me for more than three times--unless they just want to come play in the yum!

Do you do distance/remote work?  

Yes.  The only other thing I ask is that you connect with me (preferably by phone or Skype) so we can schedule some time for you to unplug the phone, disconnect from electronics and be comfortably still.  All remote work is done telepathically, not electronically. 

Will you work with my physician or therapist? 

Absolutely!  There are some people working through challenges for whom I require a signed release of information so we can work together as a team.