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What began, for me, as the desire to re-create something akin to the latest Hubble telescopes visual morphed as soon as paint met canvas. The conversations with the internal and external Artist included arguments and, "Are you sure?" at each turn because what they could see, I could not. The outcome is where Their insistence and my obstinateness meet.


Framework is the reminder that no matter the box of 'understanding' we assign to our experiences, and those of others, All That Is is. Our rigidity of standards, measures and definitions are overlaid on the simplicity of life unfolding as the expression of God's creation. The universe's expansive nature is always and all-ways; far beyond our limited ability to experience and express it. Here, the stars sing, the trinity shines and Grace sighs.

The shapes and colors hold particular meaning to me that might mean something--or feel--different to you. For instance, the larger glowing circle here is reminiscent of Hildegarde of Bingen's use of circles. Whether it was she who guided my hand in this I don't know but the instruction was clear. The smaller circle symbolizes the Word, the Voice of Creation, waiting to emerge at the place where the Heart and the Universe (and courage) meet.

She is 36"x 48", acrylic on canvas. $4900 (not including shipping).

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