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Words cannot fully describe what I feel in one of these sessions. For me it is

always a very deep spiritual and healing experience. Don't even try to figure it out...It is just meant to be experienced. And if you do, you'll walk away a changed person. ~ K. Hade

Healing Sessions


"I know the work is transformative. And it's not all sweetness and light...but it fucking moves blocks! And, yeah, mine was powerful but necessary. If you're looking for a fairy-sprinkling of Reiki--this ain't it!"

"My husband had a life-changing nap! I myself have had an ACL repaired remotely that saved me from surgery. And a rebirth experience complete with visions and messages. Each exchange is unique and indescribably potent."

"My session with you was a huge turning pivotal point in my life. I would love another session with you and, in fact, my regular therapist encouraged that I work with both of you."

I am a medicine woman and visionary working in the Old Way. When we engage in this work together, we are doing so in relationship with All of Creation. The Ancestors and others I work with span continents and cross cultural barriers bringing the medicine to those who need it.


The Mother, in all her iterations, beyond the limitations of culture, is our guide. In sessions, she appears both in familiar and unfamiliar ways to guide participants back to Her heart.

Healing sessions are at least two hours of sanctuary and ceremony; transcendental, deep experiences where physical, emotional healing, spiritual awakening & the catalyst into your own gifted nature occurs. They are where magic happens and you open into the Mystery.

We go deep, often into ancient ground that hasn't been accessed since your family was forced to leave its homeland. We release entire lines of repression and trauma that free you to move into who you truly are and how you are meant to be without the burden of your or others' pain.

What results from all this work is peace, deep peace; a lasting peace that creates the opportunity for you to live in a new way. Many end sessions without the pain or illness they began it with.

This is work; sacred, deep, effective work that makes an immediate impact on the physical body, the mind and relationship with spirit--no matter how it's defined. Once you walk into this experience, you will never be the same.

Individual sessions are as follows:

  • $675 for those in the upper income range

  • $375 for those in the middle income range

  • $75-150 sliding scale for those who rely on food pantries and fixed incomes like social security or disability

  • It is rare that someone needs more than one session and, in those cases, we decide on the exchange together.

Twenty percent of session fees paid by those at the upper end goes into a fund to provide services to support others (and me)

If it feels like you're not ready for this, but something is pulling you, reach out. Maybe a conversation will provide just what you need.

“This is holy water, holy fire that transcends the verbal, the rational, the word-realm...It requires a complete shift of paradigm and wordless feeling to the core, to get this at a metaphysical level...for those who are ready for your touch of fire. They will bliss out, they will witness miracles, they will feel liberated..."

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