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"I know the work is transformative. And it's not all sweetness and light...but it fucking moves blocks! And, yeah, mine was powerful but necessary. If you're looking for a fairy-sprinkling of Reiki--this ain't it!"

Healing sessions are sanctuary and ceremony--where physical, emotional healing, spiritual awakening & the catalyst into your own gifted nature occurs. They are where magic happens.

Sessions are transcendental, deep experiences that are of the sublime, bringing understanding of the mysterious, and engage participants in the ‘rapture of being alive’. One client calls sessions the “womb with a view.”

Long-hidden emotions arise; out-of-body experiences, communication with Ancestors, and more occur. People experience the healing of chronic illness, visions of and interactions with Jesus and others, and more. Some people actually see me or feel me touch them when we are thousands of miles apart. Some leave the sessions without the disease they began it with.

Individual sessions are $225. Several times a year, I offer donation-based group sessions via Zoom and in-person for those who cannot pay the individual fee.

Scholarships are available for those who work best outside of groups yet can't afford the individual fee. Priorities for scholarships are given to Black and Indigenous women and other women of color.

If it feels like you're not ready for this, but something is pulling you, see if a reading feels more like it. Click here. Some call them 'healing lite' and explain they open a doorway to exploration.


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"My session with you was a huge turning pivotal point in my life. I would love another session with you and, in fact, my regular therapist encouraged that I work with both of you."

"My husband had a life-changing nap! I myself have had an ACL repaired remotely that saved me from surgery. And a rebirth experience complete with visions and messages. Each exchange is unique and indescribably potent."

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