I am a memory palace,


and truth-bearer of 

the medicine way.


I am my Father's son,

my Brother's keeper,

my Daughter's defender, 

warrior, healer and

the Mother of angels.

I am the water, the wheel, the truth.

Deep peace, deep love

and deep healing live here. 

I've got you.

You are not alone in this.

The work I do is not for seekers.

This is for those who have been found: by an inner state or an external force greater than them; pushing & pulling, creating you into something different.

My job is to bring you all the way through. I am guide and gatekeeper, torch holder and teacher, ferocious ally and the soft place to hold your tender heart.

I offer short-term services that people pay set fees for like tarot & oraclereadings and spiritual counseling. There is no set fee for healing sessions. They are for anyone who is ready for them no matter the size of the checking account.

The unfolding of Covid-related social injustices and systemic iniquities reinforces for me what I’ve known since this way of being unfolded for me a decade ago: the business models that exist and are defined as ‘successful’ do not support this work, this service to others. Support for awakening processes and those coming into their own gifted nature is vital for every single person. 

I remain committed to the idea that those who can, will financially support me in helping those who cannot; that ‘we do this together’ is more than a mantra, it’s a way of expressing our love for one another while in the midst of the most demanding of human experiences.


This is trauma-informed work for direct, immediate healing and spiritual, evolutionary processes.

How we work together depends on where you are in your journey.

For more information, explore the site. Use the contact page to reach out with more than the basic info that the forms ask for.  If you don't have time for that fill out the below and I'll get back to you within two days.

© 2020 by Ingrid Oliphant