Missing & Murdered Indigenous

Women & Girls

In September 2017, a Navajo police officer sent me a Missing Persons flyer and asked, "What do you feel from this?"

Eight days later I was in the Arizona desert, certain I would bring home a young woman who had disappeared within ten days. Instead, I walked into a sex trafficking network, one I believe to be the largest in the United States. For two and a half years, working with Ancestors who have brought information regarding people and places related to this network, including international connections, I have tried to get help. From federal law enforcement, tribal and white elected leadership, from non-profit agencies and individuals with the power to create meaningful change. I have received no help from them. 

To illuminate and to eradicate the sex trafficking of indigenous women and children in North America, I am writing a book detailing this journey called Into the Lions Den: A Shaman's Journey into the Underground World of the Sinaloa Cartel, Indian Gaming and Sex Trafficking in Indian County. For those interested in more about this work, I encourage you to visit my blog at www.godatthekitchensink.com and search 'missing'. For book specific developments go to my Patreon page that is open to the public: https://www.patreon.com/IngridOliphant?fan_landing=true

I'm often asked why I don't just 'give it up'. I don't because I feel the prayers of the victims, their families, and hear the cries of their Ancestors. Those are an eternal part of my being as is the love for a little girl with a pink rose in her hair whose face and heart drove me into the desert.


For them, I continue on. For them, I don't stop.


For them, I breathe.


For this, I was made.

If you have information about the disappearance or sale of indigenous women and children and you would like to report it anonymously, you can email me at ingridoliphant@protonmail.com.  This information will be compiled and held in multiple secure locations until such time as law enforcement will engage.

If you believe you are witnessing the sale of a woman or child, a sexual assault, a kidnapping or drugging of a woman or child for that purpose, call 911!

Why do we shout “Save the Mother!!” but quietly whisper the wish

her daughters were ‘just born boys’ to save them?


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