So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

Paul, Letter to the Corinthians

An Invitation into the Sanctuary of the Beloveds

The power of Love

The Power of Love is for everyone, everywhere, no matter your faith or lack thereof. Introducing you into the Sanctuary of the Beloveds, it is a powerful expression of catalytic energy for profound movement of grace, to inspire, to hearten and strengthen individuals and communities. The energies help redefine the nature of self and selfless engagement with community, and bring divine inspiration as impetus for social action. In this healing & sacred space, there is as much silence as speaking.


You will reach states of consciousness connected with a state of peace, a knowing of all that is, and leave with the capacity to access a distinct, tangible, palpable knowing in the midst of chaos, to bring you into full connection, calm and clarity.

Emotional release and physical healing are part of the experience for many.  It is simple, powerful, and allows you to bring the Infinite from the Mystery into modern daily life with ease, comfort and lasting effect. 


Your heart may be moved to sing out loud, to weep with joy, or laugh into stillness as the presence of all that brings us forth washes over & blesses you and those whom you hold close.

You are asked to dress in comfortable layers and bring something that will help you be comfortable on the floor or, if mobility is limited, in a chair.  Water is a good idea and many people find it useful to have a journal with them.