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An email opener

The following is an email I got last week from a stranger via FB:

Sick and tired of your whining and crying on Facebook. Who cares if you flew across the ocean and did’t get any business from it. You should of had the common sense not to do it in the first place. Get off your personal ego trip. You think you are a healer, but all you are is someone who thinks she can become rich and fameous off someone eles’s pain and despair. You are just another fly by night, who cares about no one but her self. I hope you went broke running all over the place. Who is paying for all these trips for you?

It was followed in rather short order by a distinct lack of appreciation for the public sharing of gratitude–something about ass-licking. No need to share that bit here but I will address the first bit.  There are a LOT of folks who are skeptics, who are cynical about the whole ‘healing’ business (I count myself among them!), feel left out and led on by fake fakirs, sham shamans, holistic hoaxes, modern MLM & snake-oil sales, etc and ad nauseam.

However, I can honestly say that I’m not a hoaxer or faker and there’s not a sham or scam involved.  Frankly, I’m too lazy to do all this work for something fake. I’d not go hungry for something that wasn’t real.  Although everyone experiences the energy differently so there will be different outcomes there is nothing fake about it. I only call myself ‘healer’ because that’s the only word that comes close to what I do and what others sort of ‘get’.

And, let me just say this out loud,  I am doing this for myself and others.  I must do and will continue to do it in whatever fashion I can for myself & those in need.  Let me also say that while I figure out how to reach the most people possible in my own fashion (I’ll be leaving the ‘product’ to hair stylists, MLM & ‘memberships’ to others, thanks),  I am ABSOLUTELY planning be financially comfortable–rich, even.  The notion that I (or anyone else) should play martyr, suffer, deny their value, and not be able to take care of themselves is bullshit. I want to have enough money to see as many people for free as need it, travel freely when I’m asked to (and when I want to!), and, get this–take care of myself.  I won’t keep justifying to people why I charge a fee by explaining how much free work I do.

And, damn skippy, I want to be seen and heard (I might not have much to say but that actually speaks volumes).  I want to be able to influence social justice issues that I am passionate about and I want to be a active voice that brings alternative healing  out of metaphysics and into the mainstream.  I’m not meant to merely be part of the herd and I’ve been in the back of it since birth.  No more.

And, yes thanks, I’m broke.  So what? I’ll keep pouring everything into this as long as I have the means to do it and will keep on keeping on until I’m not broke.   And, for the record these trips are paid for by registration fees, my own bank account, my neglected car, the donations I’ve received as well as in-kind from those who believe in the work I do and from those who don’t–they just do amazing things like open their doors, refrigerators and hearts to shelter me.

For every jackass that fakes healing or plays to the population’s lowest common denominators taking advantage of fear and lack, there are more of us who do good works, real work and live ‘authentically’ rather than selling others on how to do so.  I can only speak for myself here and state openly that because I want to be wealthy and influential does not mean I take advantage of anyone. I don’t and never will.    If you’ve been burned, I’m so sorry.  Don’t take it out on the rest of us.

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