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Authenticity (or Being Sold the Notion that You’re Not Real Enough)

Most authentic self?  As, of course, opposed to one’s least authentic self?  Inorganic, perhaps?

Are you being it? You?  You’re NOT?!  Of course, you’re not.  Let me show you.  How about you invest in yourself to see that you really are not being yourself.  That yourself is so unimportant, inconsequential until we show you how to be yourSelf.  To know your true nature.  That’s what you’re not being, doing, reflecting, sensing, seeing.

How to be it. How to be the real you.  Audaciously authentic?  You betcha!  Because it’s better than a merely average authentic experience.

Because, ya know, you’re not being it.

Couldn’t possibly be and we know that you want to.  You think you’re not yourself.  Your.  Self.  Those pesky capital letters driving it all home.  Confirming that you’re just not doing it right.  Not living right, not feeling right, not being right.  Bullshit.

I used to laugh what I saw as the absurdity of the whole ‘being the real you’ mantra.  I don’t laugh now as I’ve come to be part of people’s lives in the role of healing the harm done.

It’s a whole new hook to creating a connection to what would, in a different age, be called snake oil sales.   It’s the latest twist of looking outside yourself for what you think you need to feel alive.  Looking in through another’s lens of what’s got you feeling so fucked up, lost, confused, stuck.  Because you must be, right?  Well, maybe only missing something that keeps you from experiencing life in the manner someone else does, perhaps?

Ladies and gents, you are being you.  Within every breath and each moment.  Even if you’re faking it.

One of our amazing stupid human tricks is to keep looking for something we’re not because…why, exactly?  How we are and where we are must not be it?

We must be different.  Life must be different.  If so for us, let’s sell that to others as well.

It’s a perpetuated cycle because it works for so many.  You keep looking, you keep buying and they’ll keep reselling with a different package.  Sometimes it comes in the ‘spiritual’ package that says you’re not living your soul’s purpose.  What’s funny is that we poo-poo the advertising of ‘you’re not living the dream’, ‘you’re driving the wrong car’ but suck up the soul-stuff like it’s cocaine and we need our next fix.

Just stop.  You know yourself better than anyone else.

If something feels ‘off’ in your world, you know what it is.  To get to it, even if you don’t like the answer, just ask yourself.  And let answer be. Whatever it is.  It’s yours.  Your answer.  Yourself’s answer.  That’s being real.  Ignoring it is being real.  Being afraid of it is being real.  Deciding to act on it and then changing your mind is real.  Knowing that you’re spot the fuck on and trying to act like you’re not being real is, well, real. Really you. All you.

You are human.  You are enough.  You are real.

Boredom is real.  Imagination is real. Lying is real. Creativity is real.  Questioning everysinglething is real.  Being afraid of ourselves is real.  Violence is real.  Compassion is real.  Stubbing your toe is real.  Aimlessness is real.  Depression is real. Feeling stuck is real.  All expressions (and the lack of expression!) of the human experience are authentic.

Sure, it’s sometimes human nature to assume that we need redirection, to grow a little, and help to do those things.

I’m just suggesting you start with the notion that you are real. And enough. And really being you.  However you happen to show up to the rest of us.  Even if you’re hiding a bit.  There’s nothing with it, your self or your soul.

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