Dismissing Truths

It’s easy for some to ignore what the ‘crazy white psychic lady’ has to say about Indigenous women and girls being trafficked through Indian country. It’s also easy to write it and me off as the pretendian, a woman with a white savior complex, or a psychic fraud. All of that is easy to do because it’s really hard to wrap one’s head around the idea that there is a coordinated effort across the continent to move women and girls, Native women and girls, who have been disappeared to be used for commercial sex.

For the mind to ask, “How can this be true?”, things like this need to be considered:

  1. How can a governor of a Pueblo in New Mexico, a chairman of a tribe in California, and a chief in Canada, though connected through this network of money, lies and deceit have no idea that they are each partaking in the proceeds of commercialized sex slavery of indigenous peoples? Or do they know and look the other way as long as the casino proceeds keep padding their pockets?

  2. Does a Vice President at Goldman Sachs know that a gaming consultant in Washington, DC, originally from Montana, plans for the proceeds of the sex trafficking and drug money get even before the casinos are built? Or, did he help create that process many years ago?

  3. Does a Seminole casino developer know the tribal council member in Saskatchewan who helps coordinate things north of the border? Are they both actively involved in moving meth onto the reserves as well?

There are so many questions that asking one question can lead to: Do any of these people know the others are involved? Are they all compartmentalized? Is it just generally assumed part of doing business as an Indian casino includes the trafficking of indigenous women? Why aren’t casinos in Nevada involved? Who benefits? Who keeps their mouth shut because they need their job? Who are the concierges paid for arranging the sexual encounters girls are forced into? Who ultimately benefits?  Why are so many women involved in the process? How many children are buried in the graves across the country?

How is it that women from Dinetah and Sioux country end up in Seoul, Rabat, Nuremberg, and Amsterdam? Who disappeared from the NW Pacific tribes has ended up in Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore? Why would someone at the Defense Logistics Agency be afraid? Why would there be a $100,000 price on this white lady’s head if she wasn’t telling the truth? Why did a British journalist, when approached, immediately make contact with someone in the Mexican government?

Like other tragedies, the scale of this can make the brain shut down. It’s hard to imagine how 200+ people, many in elected leadership positions, could be doing something so large and so egregious that it can’t be seen?  It’s a lot easier to try shutting me down than explore the truth of how it is SO easy for SO many women and girls to disappear and nobody have the courage to say something when they see something.

However, when Frank Fools Crow wakes my ass up at 3:00am on my birthday to tell me someone in Pine Ridge is trying really hard to stop me, it’s time for me to double down. Yes, I know who you are. He led me right to you in the same way They’ve led me to everyone else.

One last question: If the FBI thinks “someone is telling Ingrid too much”, why aren’t they doing anything about it? I’ve my own answers that have to do with institutionalized racism and the continued effort of the Federal government to ignore Indian Country until it just doesn’t exist any more.

#MMIW #childrensextrafficking #Missingandmurderedindigenouswomen

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