Electric Shock Therapy and other nonesuch

So, last week a friend sent a text that went something like:  [Wife] wants to know about that electric-shock-therapy-thing you do”.  And, of course, I had no choice but to just giggle because I’ve heard it called all sorts of things but not that. The fact that a side-effect of the healing work can be the receiver feeling a little ‘electric’ (insert “Boogie Woogie Woogie” and let that get stuck in your head!) and shock-prone, notwithstanding.

This falls in line with the general, “So, what exactly do you doooo?” question now comes with surprising frequency.  So, although this may be a rather lengthy explanation, here goes:

I’m blessed with a few gifts of the psychic/spiritual/woo-woo sort.  I’m an empath.  I have the ability to *see*  things in a manner that most don’t–think of how the word is used in Avatar!.  I “just know” (although it’s not much help during trivia night).

I’m sure what I do has some officious kind of name/title/description that escapes me–I’ve used ‘consultant’ when working with organizations but it doesn’t seem appropriate when it comes to working with individuals.  There are lots of people who call it all sorts of things. Reiki, Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics, and others are all names that people have used to describe particular techniques of energy work.

For me, the names don’t mean much of anything.  I’ve become incredibly jaded over a short period of time while flopping about trying to figure out the “What the Hell is Going on With Me?” dilemma. I’ve noticed over and over again that despite folks remind us that ‘energy work’ is a gift most folks have and can easily tap into, they charge hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to ‘teach’ their ‘brand’ so you can become ‘certified’.    Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m all for education and exploration.  It’s just not something that one who’s been fed by the Commonwealth since October can easily wrap my head around or shake enough change loose to pay for.

That said, I did take a class in Quantum Touch once.  I don’t call what I do that because I’m not ‘certified’ to use that ‘title’ and, again, the idea just annoys me.  So I use ‘run energy’, ‘work on’, and ‘healing’ interchangeably.      What that means is that when I work with individuals  who choose energy for stress relief, emotional/creative release or physical pain,  I focus my attention and intention on them, place my hands where they are led (that’s the woo-woo part), and I breathe. It’s just that simple and not all that magickal or mystical.  Except that it is. In its simplicity.

Within my breath and what I now call behind the silence, liquid light/gold/lightening runs through me.  Sometimes like a raging river, sometimes with the slow-n-steady thrum of my own heartbeat, the love moves.  Through me, into another. That’s it.  It is just that magically, mystically simple.  I can lose myself into the process, occasionally moving ‘into’ the other, and frankly, sometimes, the grocery list is going thru my head or, if my glutes start to tense, I think “Man, I really need to get a massage table for this!”    Sometimes I combine that with traditional and/or alternative mental health therapies if it’s called for.

That’s what I do. I’m a tool for healing.  I don’t understand the mechanics of it.  I neither want nor need to because I “just know”.

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