Global Links to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

The international reach of The Fuckery’s movement of disappeared indigenous women from North America goes beyond gaming institutions.

It involves the diplomatic corps of the United States, Russia, Japan, China and Kyrgyzstan in the United States, Russia, Japan, China, Morocco, Germany and more.  It involves multinational resort and hotel brands that span the globe and include companies that range from the three-star Radisson Blu to the luxury Jumeirah brands. The partnerships between these government missions and businesses with organized crime are strategic, whether arranged by corporate heads, mid-level on-site managers or the lowly concierge and night shift front desk clerk. The bridge connecting those that many identify as ‘legitimate’ business (or government) and the ‘illicit’ industry of the sex trade is merely greed.  That greed and the perceived value of women as a commodity to be freely bought and sold fuel the entire process from initial disappearance to death.

Native American women who have been disappeared from the United States don’t end up in Rabat or Riyadh, Amsterdam or Jerusalem or Dublin or Paris and London or Krym, Russia, without other partnerships that include government resources like passport production, transportation coordination with, say, an airline like KLM.  Young women and girls from South Asia don’t end up prostituted in Phoenix, Arizona, without the assistance of US Army personnel and, perhaps, a shipping partner like Sino-Pac Shipping. Trafficked Guaraní and Huichol youngsters don’t cross the southern border of the United States without the assistance of Customs and Border Patrol officers.

The international travels of soldiers and sailors bring them into foreign ports and across criminal production lines that began as colonizers spread across the world and now promise more money than the governments they work for will pay. So they become another cog in the wheel of trafficking and use resources and personnel at the Marine Corps Air Station at Cherry Point, Kitsap Naval Station, McChord Air Force Base, Fort Richardson (Anchorage), and the British/Canadian Suffield Base in Alberta, Canada. Natural partnerships then also evolve to include personnel at Fort Meade and their private contracting neighbor Alaska Chugach Corporation.  At least one intrepid soldier or civilian personnel at the United States Defense Logistics Agency in Columbus, Ohio as well as personnel in upper-level management at DARPA and the office of Naval Research help grease the wheel that feeds the Fuckery.

The Fuckery, like a modern Hydra, spans the globe not only in the transportation of sex slaves across continents and oceans but the globally connected electronic web (and old-fashioned radio communication) that allows global participation of slave auctions as well as webcam sex. It is as organized and institutionalized from Nuremburg to New Mexico, Sioux country to Seoul as other for-profits and as bureaucratized as the armies (US, Canadian, British, Burmese, Thai) and branches of government that support it.

Those who lure young women into the initial stages of the trafficking scheme don’t know the people in the later stages and they don’t know (or don’t know they know) those on the parallel tracks that move meth, heroin and more. It remains to be seen how many first tier traffickers know others already imprisoned in Eastern State or Northern State Penitentiaries, Coyote Ridge, Mecklenberg, the Metropolitan, and Arizona’s Lewis correctional centers in the United States.

The coordination of this multi-headed, multinational criminal syndicate that includes partnerships with other criminal networks, legitimatized businesses, national armed services and co-opted elected public servants resembles a global ballet that traditional judicial investigative and enforcement mechanisms do not have the capacity to address.

It will require us to creatively do what those mechanisms cannot to bring freedom.

#MMIW #childrensextrafficking #healing #Missingandmurderedindigenouswomen

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