How Long Will it Take You to Listen to your Heart

See Something, Say Something

Yes, you.

So, when a Grandmother tells me I’m putting too much salt in a dish, I listen.  I only had to disagree once to know she’s right.

When my gut says, “Don’t head into that mud”, I don’t even try to argue.

When my car says, “Yes”, we go because sometimes she knows better than me.

When the heart says, “No”, I listen to that, too. I may have argued more than once and lost the lesson meant to learn a few times but now, I know.

When birds say, “Follow”, I go because that birds’ eye view shows more than my grounded feet can.

When you read “See Something, Say Something” what does your heart say? I know your mind is disagreeing with it. But what does the heart really say? When you see her, a sister from another mister, across the casino floor or going up the elevator with that  guy, the one with the reputation for busting a lip or slipping the noose too tight?  When you see her come back for another, like the old guy who thinks his money makes his shit not stink?  Or you watch her minder give her the stink eye and you know she’s in trouble that she may not get out of?

When you read the pleas and posters for the missing, do your head and heart still argue?  Where is your fear?  Your belly or your butt? Does it get caught in your throat when you think of saying something to someone? Keep you awake at night?

When are you going to be done arguing with yourself? And the Grandmother that’s telling you you know too much to be quiet any more.

I know it’s hard to trust. You’ve been burned before trying to help someone. Probably more than once.  Follow the wings and reach out. You’ll be helping more than one.

Stand up, brother.

#MMIW #childrensextrafficking #Missingandmurderedindigenouswomen

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