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I Just Want to be Normal


That’s a common theme in conversation lately. Normal here, of course, is defined as ‘like everyone else’.

Well, sometimes we have to face that we aren’t like everyone else. Our experience of the world is beyond the boundaries of the norm, our language for it and how we identify ourselves in relation to it, evolves. Our former identities dissolve and, along with that process of growth and mergence with self and heavens, our ‘normal’ changes.

There is a time when we know, just know, that we must move past the normal of others into our own way of being; the way of being that is as easy as breathing.

It knows of no other way to be once we hit this space of self. The struggle to move into it is only arduous when we believe it serves us to remain as  we believe others need or want us to be. When we realize our stagnation is our own doing and that we’re the ones selling ourselves short, will we choose to heed how we must be and allow ourselves to be revealed.

It’s a simple choice to make, really, once you acknowledge that you need not suffer.  And, yes, we get to decide. We may even change our mind but once you begin the entry into the amazing, there’s no putting yourself or the Godstuff back into any box.

So, how’s that ‘trying to be normal’ working for you?

Is it time to redefine your ‘normal’?

Ask yourself if you’re ready and even if the response is a tepid, voice-wavering yes, say it. Then understand there is no ordinariness to return to.

“When a man journeys toward his destiny, often he is obliged to change paths. At other times, the forces around him are too powerful and he is compelled to lay aside his courage to yield.”  ~ Paulo Coelho 

Here’s a bit about what Gabor Mate has to say about the whole thing:

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