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“Is This Real?”

The single most asked question during and immediately after the Navajo family reunion has been, “Is this real?”  And it’s variations that sound like, “Why would you doooooooooo that?” (in the expression of incredulity that comes across as a constipated whine) or “Why would you do that?” (in the expression of incredulity that comes across somehow accusatory).

Answers have varied, as well,  depending on the audience and slipped out a something like this: “Real as fuck.”  “Can’t get any more real than this.”  “{insert raised right eyebrow} mmmm hmmm  {with that tone on the second syllable}” “I can’t make this stuff up!”

Or, “I did that because this outcome is a product of love.  Compensation was not expected.  Why would you share so many messages of ‘sharing the love’ but not be able to understand this?”

And, “Because when I stand in my truth, trust what I know and see, magic happens and everything I need shows up.”

And, “Because when I know some stuff, I know some stuff.”

Yes, this trip to the Navajo Nation was real.  The family reunification was real.

Yes, I am real.  Even though ‘I’ am a ‘we’.  Sort of.

Yes, the healings are real.

Yes, the visitations of Jesus Christ & Hindu goddesses are real.  And they are not connected to anyone’s faith or lack thereof. Nor do they create new adherents.

Yes, the visions are real and come in the form of street signs sometimes!  The guidance is real and sometimes it’s laid out like a Rand-McNally.

Spirits are real.  How we communicate with each other is real. The messages I get are real despite they’re often not what people (or I) want to hear.

Yes, it’s all real.  Can’t get any more real this.

Mmmmmm hmmmmm.

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