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Jesus, Mary and Sweet Mother of …

Sharing the Seat of my Soul


Q: Why do Jesus, these Angels and Mother Mary come to you?  You’re not Christian.

A: Neither are they. The existence of things in our world is not dependent upon our belief in them or our perceptions of how–and to whom–they should appear.

That was my short response to the question presented. The longer one is what follows. It will be edited as language offers itself for use and explanation.

We are used to things and want things, particularly of the invisible nature to appear in a framework that is comfortable. In times of transition, context & conformity provide comfort. However, conformity also has the nature of confining ones view of things.

I’ve spoken before of being in this transformational process without the background of any context; having no spiritual, faith or religious framework with which to dive into all that has unfolded. I’ve known, of course, the stories about Jesus, his mother and Mary Magdelene. I’ve shared my experience of seeing what I described as a youngster an angel.

However, in the same manner belief has nothing to do with a thing’s existence, belief in a thing or person or story isn’t required to have a knowing of the same. When that energy, that person we identify as Jesus, came into my world, I knew who he was. Immediately and in the same manner others know him when he appears to them–whether in prayer, meditation or desperation.. I didn’t need an explanation because as ‘benowbenowbenowbenow’ transitioned to ‘iamnowiamnowiamnowiamnow’, I knew the why of it all. I knew that as his breath and my being became one that the world had changed, both my view of it and the potentiality of it beyond the stories.

This experience wasn’t a visitation as others describe their experiences, it was a distinct mergence of energies,  a being (many, in fact) brought into being. Jesus was not the only one who merged with this body. There were others; some identifiable in terms of known history and mythology and some not. The emotional and energetic signatures allowed me only the knowing that I was safe, that all was intentional and for something much larger than me or any of my imaginings. It was my own catalyst  to be repeated again as it had before with the first merging of that with Paramhansa Yogananada, Babji and Sai Baba. It will also be repeated again.

Through each of these episodes, my personality wasn’t subsumed though my identity was, my intellect neither dampened nor broadened by theirs through the mergence of  soul to soul, we became the one that we always were. All ways are. We live and breathe and move as one. In moments, some individuals feel us accordion out. When that happens, those who are part of the experience, or the reason behind it, feel many hands on them. At times, they can individuate a separate presence of Jesus and ‘Master’ and/or angel and more. As like-attracts-like the beings and archetypes with which they hold an attachment or can identify in a theoretical or imaginative state become a real, experiential knowing of reality.

In this way of being that I am, I’ve learned there isn’t the need to comprehend intellectually–that comprehension of or for oneself–isn’t always actually knowing a thing or, in this case, a person. I may have had an understanding of Jesus via Bible Study class as a kid, been familiar with his name taken in vain but didn’t know him. Until I did.

When Mary Magdelene first appeared through me three weeks ago, I had no clue who she was. I still don’t but now know her presence as an individuated energy. And, in the moment, I knew why she appeared for the person I was working with. I didn’t need to believe in her existence or the archetypal or religious associations with her for her to appear.

When Mary, the Mother, appeared a few days later, I was faced with the same; having no belief or non-belief in her existence but, lo and behold, there she was. Again appearing for a particular client and, by doing so, reinspiring the question of how we understand the messages connected to specific archetypes as we expand beyond them.

Whether one believes or not in the existence of Jesus, he did–and does–exist. Whether one believes in my existence or not, I exist. The same goes with angels and other invisible architects, miracles, beneficial bacteria, and the earth being round.

The structure that religions and faith practices created have provided a safe framework of spirit for many people for centuries. We’re now in the midst of a process where people are moving beyond the rigidity of  those structures to explore connections to universal processes beyond belief systems.

This moving away from systems that no longer serve isn’t supposed to feel comfortable. The torsion felt in this growth is meant to stretch each of us; our definitions, our relations and our imaginations into a new way of understanding–or not understanding.

The human and non-human disruptors in this process lead the way if we allow them into our lives as partners. My unique partnership with these human and non-human Beloveds–within and outside me– is merely part of this disruptive, unifying process.

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