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For those interested in the book that’s a slow work in progress, I’m asking that you go to my Patreon page. It is open to the public and I’m open to new Patrons, so if you can join in that way, I’d appreciate it. I actually began it in the spring of 2017 when I was heading into the desert for the first time that year. I started it and then promptly had a brain-fart when travels through the rest of the year took me back to Montana, into Alberta and Saskatchewan and then, ultimately, back into the desert and The Fuckery.

I have been and am being pushed, pulled and dragged into writing this book, gnashing my teeth and cursing the entire way. “There is no story yet! What the fuck do you want me to say?! To whom am I supposed to say what to?? Fuck you!” Well, you know how that goes over–they push more and some more.

The working title is Walking with Saints and a Sidearm: A Shaman’s Journey Into the Underworld of Sex Trafficking, Indian Gaming and the Sinaloa Cartel but that’s only because something catchy hasn’t settled into the brain yet.

The Patreon page with the completed Introduction for everyone to see is here:

#MMIW #childrensextrafficking #Missingandmurderedindigenouswomen #writing

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