Off-line Recruiting Centers for The Fuckery

It is easy for many to keep the idea of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women as isolated; part of their world and, therefore, not our problem. They are sorely mistaken. While indigenous women and girls across the Americas are targeted victims for The Fuckery, they are not the only vulnerable ones that are potential prey.  What follows is a list of schools and malls from which potential victims are targeted, either by other victims or other recruiters.

Daphne Phung, the executive director of California Against Slavery, shared with this with Vice: “Fifty-five percent of child pornography worldwide is produced in the US, and the FBI estimates that 100,000 to 300,000 minors are sold for sex each year nationally (that’s 10-30 percent of the global market). The average age that a minor starts working in the US skin trade is between 12 and 14, according to a 2005 University of Pennsylvania study titled “The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the US, Canada, and Mexico.” Though the last statistic is now old and one that is contested I think it’s useful in myth-busting, heart-and mind-opening here.

For an exercise related to the preconceived notions of ‘just whores’, ‘willing victims’ and other ideas, in the schools list, note the number of elementary schools as compared to number of colleges. Also note the very few number of Native American schools here.

Let me be clear, I do not know who the victims are or if, indeed, there are any now in these schools or how many there have been. I also don’t know if recruiters are adult teachers, staff, or other children.  I only know that these schools are directly connected to this particular trafficking network and that they are not the only ones. There will be more.

  1. Smiths Stations Jr. High School, Alabama

  2. St. Peters, Bapchule AZ

  3. Pagosa Springs Middle and High School, Colorado

  4. Mountain View High School, Mesa AZ

  5. Bow Valley College, South Campus; Calgary ON

  6. Lake Forest Elementary, Washington

  7. Dunbar High, Washington DC

  8. Silver Creek Public School, Mississaugua

  9. Indian Run Elementary School, Dublin OH

  10. Technical University, Delft

  11. St. Louis King of France Catholic School, Austin, TX

  12. University of Alberta

  13. University of Paris, Villetaneuse

  14. Van Wallegham School, Winnipeg

  15. Lord Selkirk Annex School, Vancouver

  16. Lord Roberts School Annex, Vancouver

  17. Emmet J Conrad HS, Dallas

  18. Cranston HS-East, Rhode Island

  19. Teaneck HS, New Jersey

  20. KIPP AMS Middle and School of Integrated Learning, Brooklyn NY

  21. Oak Grove Elementary, Aliso Viejo CA

  22. Raritan Valley Community College, Branchburg NJ

  23. Phillip Suffield Elementary, Abbotsford BC

  24. Abbottsford Virtual School, Abbotsford BC

  25. Artondale Elementary, Washington

  26. Ashley Primary, South Shields UK

  27. Lord Strathcona Elementary, Vancouver

  28. Metropolitan High School, Bronx NY

  29. Upper Canada College, Toronto Canada

  30. PS 139 Rego Park, NY

  31. Blessed Marie Rivier, Prince Albert, SK

  32. Archibald Blair Elementary, Richmond BC

  33. Xpey’ Elementary, Vancouver BC

  34. Kanaka Creek Elementary, Maple Ridge BC

  35. North Kansas City HS, Kansas City MO

  36. Red River College, Winnipeg

  37. Czech and Slovak School, Manchester UK

  38. Lincoln Alexander, Markham ON

  39. Flathead HS, Montana

  40. Queen Alexandra School, Edmonton and Vancouver

  41. St Hilda Catholic, Edmonton

  42. Legacy School, Surprise AZ

  43. St. Martin Catholic, Edmonton

  44. PS191 Paul Robeson, Brooklyn NY

  45. Riga State Second Gymnasium, Riga Latvia

  46. Sifton School, Edmonton

  47. St. George’s Senior, Vancouver

  48. Hatzic Middle School, Mission BC

  49. Thunderbird Elementary, Vancouver

  50. Heritage Park Child Care Center, Mission BC

  51. Summit Learning Center, Mission BC

  52. Washington International School, Washington DC

  53. John Oliver Secondary School, Vancouver

  54. Henetson Elementary, Las Vegas

  55. Dobbins Tech High School, Philadelphia PA

  56. Academy Sports Center, Lynwood WA

  57. Little Flower Catholic High School, Philadelphia

  58. SE Louisiana University, Hammond LA

  59. High Mount School, Swansea IL

  60. Tolo Gymnasium, Helsinki

  61. Don Bosco School, Calgary

  62. Wilma Hansen School, Calgary

  63. Vancouver Technical Secondary, Vancouver

  64. Crystal City High School, Missouri

  65. University of Mehues, Morocco

  66. University of Istanbul, Turkey

  67. Bjerke High School, Oslo

  68. American Dream Charter, Bronx NY

  69. United Talmudic Academy/Yeter Lev Satmer-Hischadas

  70. University of Toronto

  71. Albert McMahon Elementary School, Mission BC

  72. Tuba City Boarding School, Tuba City AZ

  73. Englewood Middle and High Schools, Colorado

  74. High School, Chelyabinsk, Russia

  75. University of Sydney, Australia

  76. St. Nicholas/Bright Water Waldorf School, Seattle WA

  77. Whitehall Day Care and Brightview School, Edmonton

  78. Coopers Crossing School, Calgary

  79. Macedonia University, Skopje

  80. St. Aidans and Schechter Schools, Williston Park MY

  81. The Valley School and Park Ridge High, Park Ridge NJ

  82. PS 182, Bronx NY

  83. Center of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow Russia

  84. Gerald F Neary Elementary, Havestraw NY

  85. Talmud Torah School, Edmonton

  86. St. George’s School, Vancouver

  87. Hillcrest MS, Coquitlam BC

  88. Sir Charles Tupper Secondary, Vancouver

  89. Lexton School, Winnipeg

  90. St Theresa Catholic School, Sherwood Park AB

  91. Hidden Creek Elementary, Port Orchard WA

  92. University of Denver, Colorado

  93. Words Just Work Academy, Winnipeg

  94. Pysslingen Forskola Ulriksdal, Solna Sweden

  95. Carpathia School, Winnipeg

  96. Delta High, Sacramento

  97. Santa Clara HS, Santa Clara

  98. Central Washington University, Washington

  99. Hill Freedman World Academy, Philadelphia PA

Shopping Centers known for recruiting into The Fuckery:

  1. Cherry Creek Mall, Denver CO

  2. Arizona Mills, Tempe AZ

  3. Lakewood Town Center, Washington

  4. Forest Hill Shopping Centre, Kitchener ON

  5. St. Edwards Mall, Richmond BC

  6. South Edmonton Commons, Edmonton

  7. Bonnie Doon Shopping Center, Edmonton

  8. Langford Shopping Centre, Edmonton

  9. Westwood Mall, Coquitlam BC

  10. Prices Corner, Avalon Delaware

  11. Sherwood Park Mall, Sherwood Park AB

  12. Center at Dean Hill, Knoxville TN

  13. Pacific Rim Mall, Edmonton

And, there are more.  Lots more. Schools, malls, day care centers, social services agencies–including those designed and marketed to provide care and support to the vulnerable populations that are easy targets for hunters.

#MMIW #childrensextrafficking #Missingandmurderedindigenouswomen

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