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On the Practice of Truth

When kindness is so foreign that those who encounter it are surprised, what then is the value of goodness and mercy and trust and loving openness?

When love is sought as a spiritual truth but not is not practiced in the same way ‘practices’ are, what then are we teaching the future?

When peace is merely ‘practiced’ because it’s not seen as ‘practical’ or the notion is beyond those who maintain their faith in humanity need restoring, what then do those practices mean?

When desperation for connection creates separation because truth can’t be filtered through the noise or stillness, what then do we say to our young people?

When connecting things of the past that contain things that cause harm, what, then, do braids of the truth from then mean in the emerging now?

When truth is hidden behind ‘truthiness’, what then does truth truly mean?

Who decides the answers of what, when, how and who?

These questions are not meant for answers to be spilled from fingertips but in how you move through your days. Consider them for more than a few seconds. Answer them for yourselves. Make choices based on those answers, knowing that they may change and that they should as you grow.

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