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Q & A of the day: How can I be sure that what I feel is ‘real’?

Like all magnificent things, it’s very simple. ~ Natalie Babbitt

Question: How can I be sure that what I feel is ‘real’ and I’m not having a hallucination? Or that I’m inventing the feeling?

This is so simple. In fact, you may say something like, “It can’t be that simple” or “No way.”

Ask yourself. When you find yourself on the edge of or in the midst of an unusual experience merely ask yourself if what you are feeling or seeing is real. Ask yourself if you’re having a hallucination or if you’re mind is inventing it (because it could be doing something else more productive, right?).


That simple.

Ask and listen to the response. It also helps to heed it but that may take more trust than you’ve got at this moment. For now, just turn this into an experiement, one in which you are participant and observer.  You’ll begin to notice that your created mental responses are different than ‘inspired’ ones or ones from outside of us entirely. If you haven’t taken the time to differentiate between these, try wrapping your head around the differences between these:

“Gee, I wonder what I should make for dinner?” = an example of the created thought. Maybe it appears as you’ve opened the refrigerator for the third time and nothing new has appeared on the top shelf.

 “Ice cream and pickles.” An inspired response. One that just ran through your head for no particular reason. It might be followed by a created one that says, “Where the heck did that come from” or “Am I pregnant?”

 “Hey, honey, let’s have black bean soup for dinner.” A response from outside of us.

The only difference between the latter with a breathing, visible companion and that of a not-so-visible, unbreathing one is how we ‘hear’ the voice.

Many times the response comes back to us in our own voice and in our own head. This confuses people who aren’t used to talking to themselves. There is a difference between you talking to you (and, yes, it is often the most intelligent conversation you might have on any given day) and another talking to you in your head. No, it doesn’t mean you’re crazy. It means you’re becoming adept at discerning what’s yours and what is not.

Seriously, y’all, this is not complicated stuff.  It is simple and can be quite fun and enlightening when you can begin moving through the unfolding of it all with a sense of curiosity rather than fear.

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