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Q & A of the day: What is the advantage of this capacity you have?

Art is innate in the artist, like an instinct that seizes and makes a tool out of the human being.

The thing in the final analysis that wills something in him

is not he, the personal man,

but the aim of the art . 

~Carl Jung

A new person in my world has asked a string of questions. I’m going to answer one a day either here or on my youtube channel.

I’ve never considered the way I experience the world an advantage. Having psychic or mystical & healing capacities is certainly a unique experience and expression of the universe but does not put me in a favorable or superior condition over any other person. There are days when I would argue the opposite, in fact. This kind of relationship with all things invisible and universal is not easy to navigate in a world where it is not necessarily appreciated. It’s an enriched life but often quite difficult.

Seeing and sensing the world in the way I do may, however, often create an advantage for others when we work together. My capacity to bring physical, mental & emotional healing without surgery, medications, and endless waits in doctor’s offices brings others freedoms that others who don’t without awareness of or trust in the option don’t have. The spiritual aspect of the work creates a space for others to step into a new way of being without the expense or limitations their peers may have as they explore their path. It may also offer a different perspective of experiences & knowledge that helps make sense of their own unique expression of the universe. I would venture to say that the there is a level of comfort with that kind of support that those trying to manuever through this life-stuff with invisibles alone don’t have.

Asking if these traits of mine create an advantage is like asking the same of an artist, scientist, poet or gardener. We just experience things and express them differently. That’s it.

If you have questions of your own, feel free to ask them here, on Faceplace, or via email.

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