Seeing Amma

Two weeks ago I braved the crowds in Reston, Va, and went to go see Amma.  After standing in line with hundreds of others I wondered what the experience would be like.  I’ve heard stories of how people felt in her presence and the anticipation heightened as the line behind me kept growing and growing and…you get the point.  At least once I thought, “Holy mazoly! What have I been missing out on all this time?”

The truth is, I’d not missed out on anything really.  I was taken by spectacular music on an energetic ride that was amazing but the same as I do every time I work with someone or when I’m just ‘in the groove’.  I was amazed at the number of people spanning obvious religious, ethnic, racial, and economic strata from around the globe.  However, I get to experience that every day, too.

What I was reminded of as I watched hundreds of people worship at the feet of and sing to this woman (and, don’t get me wrong–what a woman she is!!!) is how frequently we look outside of ourselves and place value on things outside of ourselves.  Would that we would look upon and see ourselves in the same way we do another.

To find out more about her, go here:

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