The Ties that Bind Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

God at the Kitchen Sink

artist: Nicholas Galanin

What is it that can bring together a diverse crowd that includes:

  1. judges from the Navajo bench and the New Mexico Court of Appeals;

  2. state senators from Arizona, Colorado, North Dakota, North Carolina and Ohio

  3. provincial representatives in Winnipeg, Toronto, and Vancouver

  4. lawyers from West Virginia, Kansas, Wisconsin and South Dakota

  5. a Museum of the American Indian Board of Trustees member

  6. a nationally recognized Navajo author and educator

  7. 37 elected Native American and First Nations officials, including governors and chiefs

  8. journalists

  9. CEOs & upper management of international oil, entertainment, and manufacturing companies

  10. heroin wholesalers

  11. an English jeweler

  12. a few Ambassadors

  13. rock musicians, a boxer and a flautist

  14. some nuns

  15. some teachers

  16. AIM members across the country

  17. police sprinkled from small towns like Odessa, TX and big cities across the continent

  18. a favorite fashion model of Georgio Armani

  19. a custom machining shop in Illinois

  20. a sand and gravel…

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