The Ties that Bind Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

artist: Nicholas Galanin

What is it that can bring together a diverse crowd that includes:

  1. judges from the Navajo bench and the New Mexico Court of Appeals;

  2. state senators from Arizona, Colorado, North Dakota, North Carolina and Ohio

  3. provincial representatives in Winnipeg and Toronto

  4. lawyers from Arizona, West Virginia, Kansas, Wisconsin and South Dakota

  5. a Museum of the American Indian Board of Trustees member

  6. a nationally recognized Navajo author and educator

  7. 37 elected Native American and First Nations officials, including governors and chiefs

  8. journalists

  9. CEOs & upper management of international oil, entertainment, and manufacturing companies

  10. heroin wholesalers

  11. an English jeweler

  12. a few Ambassadors

  13. rock musicians, a boxer and a flautist

  14. some nuns

  15. some teachers

  16. AIM members across the country

  17. police sprinkled from small towns like Odessa, TX and big cities across the continent

  18. a favorite fashion model of Georgio Armani

  19. a custom machining shop in Illinois

  20. a sand and gravel company in Montana

What do military bases in the US and mass graves in the US have in common?

What has scared regional chiefs, environmental activists, educators and allies into silence?

What would bring a young car wash attendant from Northern New Mexico and a Proud Christian in Montana together to cause a third woman’s death before she could be tamed and turned out?

What would lead an FBI agent associated with the Southern Arizona Anti-Trafficking Unified Response Network to tell someone in organized crime, “this lady knows too much”?

What inspires people to intentionally breed children to be sold into sexual slavery?

What has brought together Ancestors from over 400 First Nations and 400 Native American tribes–going as far back as those who inspired their creation stories–and one woman?

#MMIW #childrensextrafficking #Missingandmurderedindigenouswomen

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