Traveling Light

I have been happier.

I have been wealthier & healthier.

But I have never been more free.

To that end, I am leaving Rapppahannock County to join others in their experience of life.  Beginning the first of February, I am taking to the road.  Me and the Mini, one healing table, one packed bag (ok, maybe two).  On the road, bringing ‘Spanx for the Soul’, wherever it takes us. However long it takes us.

My life, my existence, is a treasure, a distinct expression of the mystery.  In each interaction, from the mundane to the ‘miraculous’, I bring the highest expression of love there is.  This is a treasure to be shared widely & openly, not to be hidden or waiting to be found. I will go to where I am called and where I am asked to come.

This trip (and what a heady one it will be) is not entirely altruistic.  My heart wants a place to call home and I no longer think this beautiful place is it.  It’s a big world.  And, there are other treasures to find.

Visit  and let me know how I can serve you or your community. I look forward to sharing my gift with you.

#Divine #energetichealing #Grace

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