When You Put on Your Regalia…

When you put on your regalia, can you see the disconnection between your dance for the Creator and the Mother and how you bait, broker and buy the Creator’s and Mother’s daughters for others to discard once used?

If not, that’s something you may want to sit with if you can stand the silence within yourself.

If you’re participating in the Social Distance Pow Wow and you save posts of young women and girls who would make good targets, can you feel the disconnection between the space that is being held for beauty and how you bait, broker and buy the Creator’s and Mother’s daughters for ugliness to be turned upon them? Did you think I wouldn’t know? That your Ancestors can’t see and tell me? Why doesn’t that bother you?

You may want to sit with that, too.

When you step into the leggings and put on the bells, do you leave your heart or enter it? When you hear the healing, why do you continue to cause harm?

You may want to sit with that.

Where else are you split? When do you separate yourself so that you can sleep? Or, do they enter your dreams; dismembered, dead?

I can feel you watching, hunting…waiting. You’ve seen her already, haven’t you, at least one? Did you know that you can choose not to do that? Did you know that you can return to your center and be without that madness, as you are?

Do you have a daughter, too? Or has the idea of her entered your heart? Would you want that future for her? What price would be enough for her? Then why another father’s daughter?

You have choices to make now, no?

#childsexabuse #socialdistancepowwow #MMIW #Missingandmurderedindigenouswomen #childrensextrafficking #connection

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