Why are your sessions three hours long?

I’m not quite sure when the idea that healing should occur in an hour came from.  But, to quote someone I really don’t like, “How’s that workin’ for ya?”

Healing takes more time than popping a pill.  It doesn’t happen when it’s shoved in between soccer games, the nail salon, and mowing the grass.  Sometimes it actually takes time.  When someone can actively say “I don’t have time for that” then I’m not the right fit.  And they’re not really ready to be healed.  It doesn’t matter if they don’t believe, if they’re afraid to feel healthy and whole (or wholly different) or aren’t desperate enough.  They’re just not ready.

Me sending someone back out into the world after merely an hour is like handing someone a birthday cake that hadn’t even gone into the oven.  In fact, in one session (mostly), we’ve only just begun creating the mix.

So, please, clobber the clock.  The universe doesn’t work from an insurance office, therapist’s calendar, or bankers hours.

Are you ready?

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