Tarot and Divination cards are some of my favorite tools to explore the meanderings of the mind and spirit. Readings are where artistry, vulnerability, and truth merge. They weave beauty and healing with visual cues that create a path forward that we often cannot see on our own. The cards speak answering the question beneath the one you ask. They are direct and are usually not a source for validation; they answer why it is you're afraid to trust what you already know. They push to create growth and space for curiosity. This is more than 'reading'. There is often deep, profound healing that occurs as truths are revealed, as you are revealed and honored.

Cards are direct communicators. They cut, often deeply & quickly, through the clutter of mind, spirit and pain. They are not ambiguous when it comes to truths that need to be seen and matters of the heart that need to be aired, released to be realized.

There is no room for bypassing what they reveal but they invite creative solutions for challenges that one faces when being revealed to oneself. Tarot and oracle readings offer visual, tactile, beautiful, and affirming connections to all things Divine. Ancestors and Others often join us and share their own insight.

Readings are conducted via Zoom during Covid-times so that they can be recorded and sent to you afterward. That way, you have visuals in real-time and reference materials later.

This can be deep work and sessions often include you entering a spontaneous altered state so they are scheduled only after discussion and mutual agreement, not through an electronic system.

One hour readings are $85. Two hours sessions are $120. 

"She unlocks realms of the unconscious and unseen world…”  

"Our time together was deep.

Thoughts about my grandmother and female ancestors came. 

Also my grandmother's presence."

“…life-changing and her ability to provide a safe environment to explore, the way she explains and validates/normalizes what a person experiences deepens the whole ‘shebang’"

"A discussion about ancestors' footsteps planting seeds that now spring through me 

felt like an electrical bolt through my spine."