it's her very nature.png

I am a memory palace,


and truth-bearer of 

the medicine way.

Here, in these

still waters we meet for

deep healing, deep peace & deep love.

Here, we meet in the

Heart of the Mother.

“This is holy water, holy fire that transcends the verbal, the rational, the word-realm...It requires a complete shift of paradigm and wordless feeling to the core, to get this at a metaphysical level...for those who are ready READY for your touch of fire. They will bliss out, they will witness miracles, they will feel liberated..."

"She unlocks realms of the unconscious and unseen world…” 

“…life-changing and her ability to provide a safe environment to explore, the way she explains and validates/normalizes what a person experiences deepens the whole ‘shebang’"

"A discussion about ancestors' footsteps planting seeds

that now spring through me 

felt like an electrical bolt through my spine."

Thanks for reaching out!

I've got you.

This work is for everyone. Seekers and those who have been found. Those who need healing and those who don't believe it can work for them.

This is for those who struggle with meeting the world as they are or as they are being molded by an inner state or an external force greater than them; pushing & pulling, creating them into something different.

My job is to bring you all the way through. I am guide and gatekeeper, torch holder and teacher, ferocious ally and the soft place to hold your tender heart.

This healing work is trauma-informed & involves somatic, neurobiological processes that are not related to any doctrine and the belief in any is unnecessary. At its most simple, this work creates a unification of mind, body, & soul or spirit--that aspect of yourself that exists beyond the boundaries of skin & knowledge.

John Keats has described this kind of work as soul-making:  the mysterious, continuous revision of our image that is both collective & uniquely individual, that happens outside & inside time and space; that is both the ocean we all inhabit & each singular droplet-self.


I call it soul-shaking; tangible, palpable experience that defies all rational explanation and archetypal identification that can shake people to their very core. All things unnecessary beyond that core, that soul, shake loose while the core itself is strengthened.  Chronic pain, physical illness, and symptoms of mental illness often fall away.  Behavioral and thought patterns that no longer serve us, too, vanish--sometimes with a little practice and sometimes with none. 


We tend to think of ‘healing’ as a personal, singularly individual journey.  However, the personal physical & emotional transformation through this experience is Unity Consciousness--living connection--in action, in the raw.  It brings to each person a clear, distinct and, ultimately, fully-integrated awareness of the connection to each living being as well as health. Your healing directly impacts your community.

This is trauma-informed work for direct, immediate healing and spiritual, evolutionary processes. How we work together depends on where you are in your journey.

I offer:

  • Readings using tarot and oracle cards as tools for foresight and insight.

  • A teaching track for those Becoming the Medicine.

  • A coaching track for those seeking reconnection with The Mother Rising, the God under our feet as she reemerges.

  • Healing sessions where the focus is on transforming your physical, mental and emotional experience of the world.

There is no set fee for the healing work. I remain committed to the idea that those who can, will financially support me in helping those who cannot; that ‘we do this together’ is more than a mantra, it’s a way of expressing our love for one another while in the midst of the most demanding of human experiences.

For more information, explore the site. Use the contact page to reach out with more than the basic info that the forms ask for.  If you don't have time for that, fill out the form and I'll get back to you within two days.