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“This is holy water, holy fire that transcends the verbal, the rational, the word-realm...It requires a complete shift of paradigm and wordless feeling to the core, to get this at a metaphysical level...for those who are ready READY for your touch of fire. They will bliss out, they will witness miracles, they will feel liberated..."

"She unlocks realms of the unconscious and unseen world…” 

“…life-changing and her ability to provide a safe environment to explore, the way she explains and validates/normalizes what a person experiences deepens the whole ‘shebang’"

"A discussion about ancestors' footsteps planting seeds

that now spring through me 

felt like an electrical bolt through my spine."


This is trauma-informed, soul-shaking work for direct, immediate healing and spiritual, evolutionary processes. This is for Seekers and those who have been found. Those who need healing and those who struggle with the awakening process.

We embark in sacred work for the body, mind and spirit, a voyage into your heart, total transformation and mergence with all aspects of Self. It is the weaving of humanly and heavenly together, a recognition of and the capacity to stand in One as a whole & hearted individual.