Spiritual counseling is focused on unlearning as the way to understand. My teaching takes one to levels of exploration and understandings that are beyond the limitations of language and is not for everyone. It is for those who are willing to forget what they think they know and move into a deeper realization of self and universal relationship.


While we use familiar tools like the tarot, the methods used are not part of the modern spiritual dialogue but have been part of universal exploration since we first began seeking a way to understand what lies beyond ourselves. The expression of knowings are not an absolute and are shared with an understanding that our experience may not reveal anything resembling a universal truth but will bring you closer to your own.  You’ll be given tools and guidance for staying in that hearted truth while you move through life. 


Questions are often answered with questions, knowing that you already have a wellspring of your own innate wisdom & magic that you’ve not yet tapped into but might have often felt. We do not discuss an ordered universe in terms of hierarchies & bureaucracies & levels attained through gradations.


There is an Arabic word ‘sohbet’. In the Sufi tradition, it is defined not just as ‘conversation’ but used to describe teaching as a spiritual transmission where dialogue is accompanied by a cleansing of the soul and meeting of the hearts. This is how we work: in relationship with the divine and with you as the divine. 


This is not life-coaching or traditional therapy but this work is trauma-informed and we use my background as a mental health therapist, shaman, and seer to help process experiences, and bring new awareness into real-world practice. Together, we bring inner states to practical daily living--with Grace and unity. 


While the healing work is done without a set fee, I charge $85 for one hour and $120 for two hours for this kind of work. To book, click here.

For those who feel that they would benefit more from a longer term relationship may be more helpful, explore the option for coaching by clicking the button below.