The Mother Rooting

Tree roots are nourishers, communicators and foundation builders within their own families and extended communities. In this class, we focus on bringing forth your own Mother Root and healing gifts, developing comfort with its latent and manifest power, and creating avenues for expressing it within community.

Here we explore spiritual pathways and concepts central to the emergence of your own unique expression of the Force of Creation. Tools for sustained and healthy spiritual awakening, discussion of ethics and modern mysticism in today's world and more are part of the program.

The curriculum is adaptable to other retreats but audiences are best served by extended participation in this focus. It is also adaptable for individuals who work better outside of groups. Held online, it is a eight-week class with an outline similar to that of The Mother Rising. However, the focus is on deep personal transformation that leads into action for yourself and community.

Who this is for:

This is for people who have been dancing around themselves, trying to create space for what they can't quite identify: their unique gift and way of expressing it in the larger world safely and openly. Someone along your way may have mentioned you are a healer or seer or somesuch that feels right but doesn't make sense in the practical world. Perhaps you feel a push internally to engage in the world differently but no longer have the energy to keep trying things that don't work.

This is not for you while taking part in other processes or programs that you identify as 'energetic'. It will be too much for your systems to manage at once. This process can be intense and is a catalyst for significant growth that involves physical and mental processes.

Cost: The cost for the eight-week course is $825. Like other classes, there is aftercare provided in the cost for up to a month to support you as integration unfolds within the practical world. This is deep and intense work. It is sacred work that requires focused commitment. To meet that need, the online class size is capped at 12 people. When held as part of a retreat, the fee is different and the class size can be slightly larger.

Thank you, Ingrid, for being a source of security, wisdom, and reassurance for those of us who have an important gift to offer and are seeking a way to learn, grow and be supported.

She tended to what I needed, whether I was aware of it or not.
At times of expansion, we all need truth to help us navigate that new terrain. Ingrid patiently and laboriously serves these spaces, welcoming those who are ready to accept this space in themselves. She helps complete the picture, to see more clearly. In the clarity, so too the confusion dissolves.

…life-changing and her ability to provide a safe environment to explore, the way she

explains and validates/normalizes what a person experiences deepens the whole ‘shebang’"