january women's healing circle.jpg

We'll be gathering (via Zoom, of course) for a Women's Healing Circle on January 3 from 8-10AM MST. 


'Virtual Circles' are as powerful as those in person but tend to be more sedate. I generally sit more than spin like a Sufi. Deep healing happens and, for some, the experience from afar allows them to feel less vulnerable, more comfortable in their own skin (and fuzzy socks).


It is recommended you have something light in your belly when we start and refrain from the use of alcohol and marijuana prior to and after the event. Your body temp will shift so make sure you have water with you and Kleenex nearby is also a good idea. 


Go here to register: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83268432884?pwd=TWl4bWFodWJPT3pyeXhkVi85RmNuQT09


As we get closer to the date, I'll send you the link to the playlist I'll be using. It will come via Amazon Music or Spotify so you must use one of those tools to receive the music. If you don't have it, sign up for a free trial.