A transformation in consciousness effects a kind of double vision in people.  

They see more than one reality at the same time, which gives a depth to both their experience 

and to their response to the experience. ~ Rachel N. Remen

Sometimes I like to think we’re for everybody. We’re not. Sometimes, too, I like to think this work is for everybody. It’s not. 


My philosophy is very simple. I often speak volumes without saying a word. I answer questions with questions while holding the space for you to hear the answer within your own heart. 


Those for whom I’m a good match tend to be ready to dive into themselves and the universe without the boundaries & limitations of existing paradigms or belief systems. They find the language of modern metaphysics, faith, and mysticism lacking in some fashion and are willing to move through growth with a sense of curiosity and wonder. They are from all walks of life, are comfortable with forgetting what they think they know, and are ready for change. There is a special affinity for empaths and others who identify as highly sensitive people seeking to move past the myths of how life has to be for them. 


There is no room for bypass here. To know connection to all that is you must first be connected to yourself. You must be willing to feel. Those things that have been unfelt and unsaid for decades? They’re waiting for release and integration. So you must first ask yourself if you are ready to call yourself healed. 


This is sacred work for the body, mind and spirit. It is not about raising your vibration--it is about a voyage into your heart, total transformation and mergence with all aspects of Self. It is the weaving of humanly and heavenly together, a recognition of and the capacity to stand in One as a whole & hearted individual. 


While our focus may be on a single personal element, like a physical disease or mental illness, there is nothing within or outside us that operates in isolation, so multiple levels of being are effected by this work. 


For some the work is easy. Stepping into their new skin or way of being is like slipping on a favorite pair of jeans right out of the dryer on a winter day. Disease leaves and life goes on seamlessly. 


For others, this work is hard. It can be like learning how to dance with a new force of nature--your own new identity. The fear of losing the pain connected to the stories that have brought them thus far slows their growth as they push against perceived edges of self and soul. 

This work has been described as ‘intrusive’ and ‘it put me in parts of my psyche that I wouldn't have gone to myself’ when deep release of trauma begins and mental conditioning wants to hold things steady

“This is holy water, holy fire that transcends the verbal, the rational, the word-realm...It requires a complete shift of paradigm and wordless feeling to the core, to get this at a metaphysical level...for those who are ready READY for your touch of fire. They will bliss out, they will witness miracles, they will feel liberated..."