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How this process of information receiving occurs for me

This is a non-public page designed to provide basic information to those communities I'm in contact with regarding

the Ring of Fire attacks planned on January 18, 2023. 

My first conscious contact with Ancestors was in the Spring of 2008. By October 2013, I had worked with them long enough to make myself homeless so that I could follow literal directions they gave me through visions and dreams. From the autumn of 2013 to 2017, I lived on the road, crossing the country innumerable times, following their lead. In September 2017 I was led by them into Arizona where I crossed paths with the Sinaloa Cartel and one of it's partner networks on the Gila River Indian Community reservation. Since then, I have received information regularly about both cartels with a focus on the flow of Indigenous women and girls disappeared to be sold for sex. In August 2022, during a standard form of question and answer with Ancestors, the intersection of the cartels' illicit, laundered monies and international terrorists, specifically Al Qaeda, revealed itself. It was then that I began receiving information related to Al Qaeda attacks planned for January 2023 and Kitsap Naval base in October 2023.

Those providing the information related to these attacks are primarily from the Hashemite line and are bookended by Mohammad's great-grandfather, Hashim ibn Abd Manaf, and Queen Zein al-Sharaf bint Jamil. There are others who branch off from there. Though I don't know most, they are led by Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani and include Sheik Abul al-Hasan al-Shadhili, two prominent Sufis who are central figures in my 'circle'. Though I have an understanding about why they have come to me now, that's discussion regarding faith and religion to be shared elsewhere. However, I need to make it clear that I ascribe to no particular faith or religion.

There are yet others, with whom I do not have any affiliation, that appear to be offering country-specific information to me. In all things Israel, I receive information from Alvin Einbender (whose son I happen to know) and Rabbi Scholmo Yitzaki. For Australia-specific information, it flows from two ancient indigenous lines: that of the Ngunnuwal and Gandangara.

I do not define this receiving of information as 'psychic' and, in fact, the language I choose to use around this phenomenon is not that of modern 'spirituality' or metaphysics. I'm not pulling anything from the ether, I do not consider it precognition and it is not 'intuitive' in the way others define it. I am merely in conversation with Others that most people cannot hear. I hear audibly and see visually--with my eyes open and closed. Information comes in the form of sentences or names spoken to me, visions, dreams and moments of inspired thought or ideas when I'm in nature. Someone with a more scientific or metaphysical framework would say that I am intimately connected to 'the field of awareness' or consciousness itself. That is not language I use though it often feels apt. For me these connections are visceral, often tactile and felt within my body. They are processed physically, mentally and emotionally. And, in the same way I cannot turn off the flow of information, I cannot initiate it though, sometimes in prayer, I can ask and receive specific information.

Using the analogy of analog radio, I am 'fine-tuned' to the natural world and particular aspects of justice: especially those related to indigenous women, women subjugated by religion and, law enforcement involved in criminal activity. For reasons I don't understand enough to explain, I am as deeply tied into Islam as I am global Indigenous medicine ways, though I do not worship at all. It is through these relationships that the fine-tuning--and capacity to understand--occurs.

When I receive imagery and words, I ask questions and employ tools available to me via my laptop. When it came to identifying 1/18/2023 targets, I was given country names by name after I was made aware that most targets were petrochemical facilities on major waterways. Using Google maps and the search engine itself, I looked country by country seeking the targets. I received two different and obvious response signals: one that was an affirmative, confirming a target and one that was a negative. When I received an affirmative, I asked if it was true. When I received a second affirmative, I considered it true. When attempting to identify targets I never received conflicting information, though I have been confused by some stated targets and which company owns what facility.

When I do receive conflicting information about a person, place or institution, I step away from whatever series of questions I'm asking. It's an indication that I'm either off-base, am trying to force information to come or have exhausted myself. Until I have two affirmative responses to questions in a row and a separate affirmative to, "Is this true?," do I consider the answer complete and true.

My Background

I began experiencing the world in this way in 2007 after leaving a career that spanned the criminal justice system and mental health service provision.

After receiving my Bachelor of Arts from Virginia Tech in 1995, I began my career in residential facilities for youth experiencing mental health challenges. It was at the Virginia Baptist Children's Home where I began doing program development with local law enforcement and public health agencies. I continued to do the same in Denver, Colorado, where I managed the civilian component of the Denver Police Department's Juvenile Intake Unit,  and the case management services for the population at the local juvenile detention facility as well as the Juvenile Court at the facility.


When I transitioned from a private agency that contracted with the State to Denver County's Probation Department, I developed policies for the Department's Special Crimes Unit, designed a juvenile probation program as well as a volunteer probation officer program. In addition, I participated in multidisciplinary working groups focused on service provision and prevention programming. I was also an active participant in the development of DPD's Crisis Intervention Team (CIT), the lead developer of annual training for regional law enforcement, courts and community corrections personnel. During that tenure I also received a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice from the University of Colorado-Denver.

While the US economy began tanking in 2008 (and while navigating a divorce), I tried unsuccessfully to maintain a criminal justice consulting business. As that was devolving, other things began to evolve in my world. I began experiencing spiritual visions and visitations from God. In 2009, I was led into hands-on healing and began curing illness and assisting others in their spiritual journey in ways for which I had no intellectual understanding or faith-based connection.

In 2013, after it became clear that visions were directing me to specific places and people, I made myself homeless on purpose, traveling the country in a Mini Cooper (and living in her) to bring the healing work and do other things that Ancestors asked of me. Each experience from October 2013 through the summer of 2017 was preparation for work that began on September 6, 2017.

On that date, I received a missing person's flyer from a Navajo police officer with whom I had worked on spiritual matters since November 2014. To be clear, the work we did together was medicine way-based, not law enforcement focused (though that is how we met). However, we had worked enough together to trust how Spirit guided us and when he asked, "What do you feel from this?," despite not wanting to engage, I knew I was going to be involved.

What transpired when I went, initially, to find one young Navajo woman in the Phoenix Metro area, turned into a seven-month long endeavor that inadvertently disrupted investigations by the FBI, DEA and DHS, though I did not know it at the time. I had been led into an organized crime network that consisted of a partnership between the Sinaloa Cartel and a smaller network operating out of the Gila River Indian Community.

The thread that ties this particular cartel's partnered operations and the AQ planned attacks is the movement of money and weapons. Why the intersection was brought to my attention in August, I cannot say with certainty. I cannot know, either, with certainty that what I'm receiving is true or accurate. I can say, though, that this information is so specific I cannot ignore it. I have no previous connection with or curiosity around terrorism however what is flowing is connected to AQ cells (along with information about Al Shabab) around the globe as well as specific funding sources that includes those from Russia and Saudi Arabia.


It's my understanding that I am being given this information to stop this planned string of attacks that will devastate local populations and waterways on a scale that the world has not seen and to do so in a way that intelligence and enforcement communities are not accustomed to.


It is my goal to: 1) bring as many people to the table to share information to prevent these attacks as possible, including representatives from intelligence, seemingly disparate enforcement agencies, businesses and emergency management teams from both as well; and 2) share the information I receive with the same (as appropriate) so there is transparency, efforts aren't duplicated and limited resources are used wisely and, if all of the separate events cannot be prevented we have a rapid and effective response ready.

I recognize that this will be met by many with skepticism, assumptions of naivete and ignorance of 'how things have been done'. As I said in a letter sent to many of you: "I do not share the institutional and individual biases related to organizational entropy and compartmentalization that you experience. It is my firm belief that the only way to prevent this attack is to work across previously relied upon divisions within countries and across borders. It’s been made clear to me that each country’s intelligence and federal law enforcement agencies have key pieces to the prevention of the attack. Existing sources (and resources) can be reevaluated with different perspectives and shared connections to transnational organized crime will help follow the money from source to endpoint."  Ladies and gentlemen, many years ago, I learned it's within my wheelhouse to do things that haven't been done before. What others see as naivete, I see as a new perspective that can see things as others can't because I don't share inherent biases.

I know with certainty, that 'how things have been done' in the past contributed to 9/11. The Commission's Report bears that out. We have the opportunity, a short-lived one, to do what has not ever been done, to stop a large-scale, multi-target, multinational terrorist attack.

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