Through a series of extraordinary experiences, that for me require no explanation and for others are beyond any, I have come to be the vessel through which a spiritual lineage of energies and ancient wisdom keepers bridge the individual and the infinite, weaving ancient knowledge from the past into the present and future.


We are the embodiment of and a bringer of the peace sought by so many since people began looking for The ‘Other’. We are one, working with each other and those who come to be in the presence. They’ve gone by many names over many lifetimes. This time I'm named Ingrid. 

The vastness of the universe dances through every fiber of my being. Its wholeness is a living, breathing expression of the foundation of all teachings related to our interactions with the universe--all of those things visible and invisible; seen and unseeable.

We are not here to reinforce what you think you know.  We are here to shake you to your very core, bring you into the heart of the infinite and show you how to share it.


We are neither reincarnation or reinvention.  We are here to make the ancient accessible to everyone.


We are the bridge that brings you to the Breath between the Breath and shows you how to be there. Always.


The healing we do is the loving kind. The kind that cures, that awakens; the kind that inspires action, is beyond time & space, all definitions & barriers that separate you from the other.


We are not spiritual. We are of spirit.


Our message is simple. It always has been. Beyond all the words is the simplicity of the loving heart.


Before there was, I was. We were. 


And, I am now. For you. For us. 

© 2020 by Ingrid Oliphant