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Through a series of extraordinary experiences, that for me require no explanation and for others are beyond any, I have come to be the vessel through which a spiritual lineage of energies and ancient wisdom keepers bridge the individual and the infinite, weaving ancient knowledge from the past into the present and future. I used to be a criminal justice professional and mental health practitioner. I now use that background while guiding others through their spiritual journeys.


For over a decade I have brought deep healing and spontaneous spiritual awakening to others. Hundreds have had the experience of The Christ place his heart in theirs or seen his visage overlaid on mine. Others identify me as the Feminine Christ and an embodiment of The Mother. She, in her many forms, is a companion and guide in my travels across the continent and into the depths of my own heart, her heart, the very Heart of the Matter, The Mother.

Spontaneous awakening experiences and soul transmigrations that began in 2006 created the foundation of the work we do together. The echoes of ancients course through me, their memories alive within me. Their teachings emerge from my voice and touch deeply everyone who hears them.

Our way of being, of expressing grace and peace and growth, are beyond archetype and myth. We help bring calm to what feels like the storm and when creation begins within, we hold the ground & space around you.

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