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Missing & Murdered indigenous women

This page is in development.

On September 6, 2017, I received a message from a Navajo police officer that included a missing person's flyer for a young Diné woman. He asked, "What do you feel from this?"

That one question has led to a nearly seven year journey with a near-singular focus on bringing to light the organized criminal networks that perpetuate the disappearance and murders of Indigenous women across the North American continent.

This page will be updated as I decide when and how to release, publicly, information I have held close to my heart.

Because I have been shunned by the communities Ancestors have sent me to, ignored by tribal & federal law enforcement (except when I've been surveilled) and because I live with a sizeable price on my head, how and when this information is shared is important.

Revelation will be done in a prayerful way, in a manner that extends hope and grace to all involved, and redefines the limitations of 'justice'. This journey is lit & fueled by the power of the deepest love and I move guided by Her grace.

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