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The Braided Vision:
Conversations with Spirit in Color

I no longer do the healing work by the laying on of hands. Instead of flesh bringing the breath of life into being, the work now flows through a paintbrush. Messages from Ancestors, The Great Artist--Creation Herself and Others of the spirit-ed natural world are captured in color and texture to evoke emotion, inspiration and provide healing.

Each piece evolves into its own rhythm and tone, responding to the energies within and around me, and similar to the way I experience synesthesia, emits its own sensory experience. Some physically and emotionally touch the viewer, others change the temperature of a room or appear in dream and vision, bringing direct physical healing. Most pieces challenge the status quo of spiritual spaces and conceptions asking viewers to reevaluate limitations and the liminal.  What often at first glance is two-dimensional becomes an experience akin to walking through a threshold, entering sanctuary as well as deep space: of the inner kind and that associated with the stars.

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