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Tapping into the medicine & magic

There isn't a person I've worked with who hasn't felt something they cannot see, thought they were hearing things that 'just aren't there' and struggled to put their own knowing into a framework that is socially acceptable. This class is designed to help it all make sense, to reassure you that you don't have three heads, and to consciously engage you with the medicine and magic that are calling to you.

The intimacy between the spiritual world, the natural world, and humans is something that people took for granted long ago. Our modern worlds, though, maintain that separation by education and economies. For many people, however, their experiences fall outside modern paradigms, without cultural or linguistic contexts and often create a foundation of fear. This course is a reintroduction to that way intimate way of experiencing the world. For many, this experience is initiation; a communal-supported embarking on a new path.

The focus here is on what it means in terms of coming into your own way of Being. This class is about storytelling and safe exploration of things beyond the borders of sight in an affirming and grounded environment. Here, you'll commiserate with others who experience the world just like you (it's true) and learn to hone your own instincts. We'll create an alchemy that catalyzes your unique gifts, you'll receive tools and methods to move that into the practical world. You may meet those who guide your way, access levels of consciousness you've not experienced, redefine the nature of Self and engagement with community, and bring divine inspiration as impetus for social action. 

Spiritual evolution and the Medicine Way do not exist in the vacuum of individuality. There are ties to our own ancestry, to ground, to community and we're meant to engage with each aspect.  We will discuss topics that include history, modern mysticism, ethics, ownership and appropriation, boundaries and bubbles (and more!)

Fee: $425 for an all day session. If we gather in person, we'll meet for an entire day. If we gather via the power of Zoom, the class will be broken up into two half days. In person, there will be extended time outside. On Zoom, you'll be given homework to complete on your own. The price will change if this is held as part of a retreat.

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