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Reclaiming the Cathedral began as the first in a series of gatherings, a seven-week full immersion course called The Mother Rising with a focus from the distinct perspective of The Mother. Since then, it's become a stand-alone 4-hour immersion.

Here's why:
For eons, the physical spaces and social institutions designed for the human connection to God have been dominated by men. The very foundation of many faiths housed in places of worship has been male-centric; the idea that the Father & Son are the holy and, therefore men are closer to God. In faiths across the world, the idea that women are lesser than men and, subsequently, farther from God, is a consequence of the view of God as a Man.
Our mores & values, especially the subjugation of and violence against women, is borne from that and it is a mind-set, a mental way of viewing and devaluing women, that is inherently linked to all aspects of worship and communities beyond it. The effects on the individual’s interior, the Sanctuary within, and communities can be devastating.
There is an ingrained, repetitive, assumptive mental process of creating and maintaining that separation between man and God and woman as God. Despite the apparitions, icons and adoration, woman’s holiest value is relegated to the diminutive—He is perfect, she is not—though there is potential if she is a virgin.
Reclaiming the Cathedral is the opening for a mental shift via direct experience of the Divine, of God as Woman; not diminished at the feet of God but as She, the force of Creation. When people begin experiencing God as Her we can begin to understand a 'One' without gendered duality. When people can feel the depth of the Holy Spirit as woman, in woman, there be a sea change in the nature of man’s relationship with Her—as Mother Nature, as daughters worthy of worship, and the systemic evolutions that come with that revelation.

The class is $195 for 3 hours of direct transmission (and Q & A) and includes phone/video or in-person after-care to support participants as things unfold and integrate. When incorporated into retreats, this session is the building block for all other work.
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