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The Mother Rising

The Mother Rising is a series of immersive, experiential transmissions for spiritual awakening and conscious remembering of one's intimate connection with all things, with all things as the Divine through a distinct perspective from The Mother. This is more than an exploration of the Sacred or Divine Feminine. It is a deep dive into the experience of Her through direct encounters, bringing the idea of 'no separation' into embodied living. It is a foundation for a mutually healing relationship between you and the Force of Creation. This is an invitation to consciously enter your own holiness, opening into it, feeling it, knowing it and moving with it always.

We will be opening the things within you that you don't know yet but have felt for a long time. There is particular attention paid to the active participation of Ancestors and, for those directly connected to a diaspora, this is the foundation for a direct transfer for Ancient knowledge.

The Course Offerings:

  • 7 weeks live immersion with Ingrid

  • 7 weeks of 1:1 for unpacking what is unfolding for you

  • One month of continued after-care

  • Sense of belonging and community within a group of similar travelers

  • Spontaneous personal and vicarious healing

  • Clarity of purpose

  • Continued support to bring your purpose into the practical world.

  • Deepening relationships with others and Other with a focus on the God beneath our feet

  • Refolding spiritual and earth-bound relationships from the homeland across diasporas

This is deep and intense work. It is sacred work that requires focused commitment.

To meet that need, the class size is capped at 12 people.

The cost of the course is $775.

“…life-changing and her ability to provide a safe environment to explore, the way she explains and validates/normalizes what a person experiences deepens the whole ‘shebang’"

"A discussion about ancestors' footsteps planting seeds that now spring through me 

felt like an electrical bolt through my spine."

“Beyond the resistance I found myself so profoundly moved I recall a place where I was One with all that is, it was so much more than an experience. It was/is TRUTH.” 

"There's a fresh overlay of fearlessness and peace that shapes your interactions with yourself, with others, with situations in your life - a deep, deep DEEP ease. Nothing like it.”

“ But as though the center of me is spinning like a perfectly centered spinning top - a nice hummmmmmm of dynamic stillness.”

The spiritual unfolding that began for me with a series of spontaneous awakenings nearly fifteen years ago, continued with a series of profound soul transmigrations and, most recently, with clear direction for a redefinition of The Work. This course is an outcome of the insistence of The Mother that I stand fully in myself, in herself without the barriers I'd been hanging on to.  Here, we put into play all the aspects of the ground-work and Ancestral-work, for your own unfolding! Here, you are not alone, no one is going to think you have three heads. Your exceptionality is seen here, you will feel safe and nurtured as we dive into weaving your humanity and divinity into a way that feels oh-so-right, even if you're frightened of not being able to see how it can come together. We do this together.

Together we're going to discuss:

  • Navigating the individual human experience beyond personal, individuated identities

  • Bringing forward direct Ancestral knowledge, through you, into the modern era

  • Bridging the idea of Universal Union and individuality through an ungendered or feminine lens

  • Spiritual experiences in contradiction to cultural norms and consumer-driven, male-dominant expectations

  • The role of the physical body, sexuality, and mental processes in awakening and conscious Union

  • The embodiment of divinity, of consciousness, through the lens of The Mother

  • Deconstructing ideas of self and becoming Self with a foundation of purity and perfection culture


Who this is for:

This is for those who feel exiled from a place they can't name. This is for those whose 'too much' is not enough for others, those who struggle with being as they are in a world that cannot see them. This is for those who are ready for peace and deep rest in their wide-awakeness, for travelers on a journey that doesn't quite fit the paradigms they've encountered. This is for those rediscovering the divinity of femaleness, a renewed connection to a spiritual path, or those who seek deeper clarity for their journey. It is for those who want the world to know their heart, to feel the strength within stillness, and power within peace. This is for those who want to dance more gracefully with the full Force of Creation, the Mother.

This is not for you right now if you are taking part in other processes or programs that you identify as 'energetic'. It will be too much for your systems to manage at once. This process is intense for some and may be a challenge for those who have difficulty being fully connected to their body. We will navigate that through this experience and I encourage anyone working with a mental health professional to make them aware of the path you're embarking on.

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