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A River Runs Through It

IMG_0518 Edited2_edited.png

Usually, when paintings begin to feel representational, I get an internal 'itch', an thing that says, 'nope.'  However, this? This is different. This is our San Miguel River. This is the blessed flow that's also represented in The River.

Here, though, the 'view' is broader and incorporates spring cloud movements across Wilson Mesa and the pattern of the storied brown trout in the River's flow. When you get close to it, you can hear the flow that I do when evening traffic has died and swallows are flitting about.

Like The River, this is not the piece I intended. However, this is what the piece itself intended. My job is merely to listen and then execute the vision that All of Creation wants.

A River Runs Through it is 30" x 40" x.5". It is unframed and is $6200.

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