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Alpenglow has two orientations; what you see here and what you see below. How you choose to hang it will depend on what you feel from the piece.

I painted it from the orientation below but when I flipped it my heart had something to say about it.

Most evenings, I get to experience alpenglow from my windows. To me it brings the same kind of awe as aurora borealis.  I painted with that in mind; the textures remind me of those within the valley and surrounding mountains, the Old Ones who wander with me and more.

I cannot tell you what possessed me to create a red line, beyond the fact that in my world, 'red runs through it'. When I did, the gold followed in the same flow, in the same movement and an ocean was born.

What I feel from the first is a sense of calm, a gentle peace and, if I close my eyes, I can hear waves crashing.

From the other orientation, where the gold 'waves' become outlines of mountain peaks, I feel a solid power.

Aplenglow is 36" x 36" x 1.5". Its sides are finished in a deep, dark-sky blue so it may not need framing.

Alpenglow is $6200 including shipping.

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