Becoming the Medicine

You Are Being Made Into Your Name

This is not work for spiritual seekers. This is the work for those who have been found by an internal wellspring or external force of nature that is pulling, pushing, molding you into Being.

It may make no sense but feels so right, despite everything you see that it shouldn't. Your strengths and courage have met each experience head-on, whether it felt graceful or not. But you're not done yet and you're tired, to the marrow tired, and confused about how you fit into all that is around you when you can't fit in the way others want you to. 

You might even know who you are but how you are or are meant to be baffles you. None of your experiences match the language you read and your inner understandings don't fit within the limits of others' worldview. It's confining and exhausting to compartmentalize yourself so that you feel connected to others. Your body won't work right, your brain has taken a hike and all your get up and go got up and went a while ago. You're lost in **looks around and shrugs** whatever this is.

My own calling made a surprise appearance nearly 15 years ago. A new way of Being opened within me and snow-globed my world. I determined that no one would go this alone if they crossed my path. I work with and teach others how to develop relationships with the natural and spirit worlds. My philosophy is simple: there is no separation between worlds and we've merely forgotten the intimacy with which Ancestors and Others relate with us.

Long ago, our gifts would have been noticed at an early age and our community would have been designed to support, educate and push us into what we were born for. We lack that now. I fill the gap.

I'm here to nurture you as you grow into your own way of Being, your own Gifted way. I hold the space and your hand when necessary so that you have the energy and space to explore with a sense of curiosity, feel supported while you push boundaries.


This is sacred work for the body, mind and spirit. It is not about raising your (or anyone else's) vibration--it is about a voyage into your heart, total transformation and mergence with all aspects of Self. It is the conscious weaving of humanly and heavenly together, a recognition of and the capacity to stand in One as a whole & hearted individual.


In this process, there is a lot of re-mothering, moving through deep individual and lineage-long wounds of the heart and spirit, breathing fresh life into old ways that no longer serve. ​For some the work is easy, like slipping on a favorite pair of jeans right out of the dryer on a winter day. For others, this work is hard, like learning how to dance with a new force of nature--your own new identity--when you have two left feet.​ I'm here to hold the door open and usher you through. 

You will:

  • receive a solid foundation of support & knowledge

  • develop working relationships with the natural world; seen & unseen

  • be seen and believed without judgment

  • know you are safe

  • have energy to explore creation with curiosity

  • learn proximal and spatial awareness techniques that decrease the stress response to universal, energetic stimuli

  • learn how you heal others

  • be healed

  • feel freedom and purpose

  • discover clarity and energy

  • have access to me outside of our scheduled times to more easily navigate 'oh shit' moments

  • commit to at least three months working with me