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For the most part, when I create I don't know what I'm creating. I only know that I must start. When I do a conversation begins.

This highly textured, abstract landscape painting is captures the essence of nature in a unique way. Guided by a magical conversation with the ground, the painting is a perfect blend of colors and textures that create a sense of depth and movement. Here, the use of brushstrokes and color contrasts brings the painting to life, captivating viewers who feel like they can walk into the painting.

What's below is the perspective I painted this; thinking that what was evolving was a meeting between land and ocean. Then, for grins, I flipped it and the ocean's luminescence became a starry night sky.

When I finished her and flipped, what moved from my mouth was, "I am Blessed" and I didn't know if that came from my mouth or the canvas. Thus, the name.

Blessed is 36" x 48" x 1.5 and is $6900.

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